Thin Veneers

Introducing Super-Thin
No-Prep Veneers!

Are you dreaming of a new smile?

Do you want teeth that are brighter, larger, or more youthful? Are you concerned about damage to your existing teeth in order to get your new smile?

If the answer is yes, then Super-Thin No-Prep dental veneers may be the answer you’ve been waiting for. Super-Thin No-Prep veneers are very thin porcelain veneers designed to adhere directly to the front of the teeth without removing any enamel. This means for some people, we can design the smile of their dreams without even drilling on their natural teeth. The contact lens-like veneers are bonded directly to the tooth.

Super-Thin No-Prep veneers can create a beautiful, confident smile that looks real and natural. The secret lies in artistically designing the shapes of the veneers, in layering the porcelain so it looks natural, and in selecting the appropriate techniques so the end result does not look thick or bulky.

Generally speaking, people who have narrow smiles or have less than perfect natural teeth can be great candidates for this exciting procedure. We have also used this technology to “turn back the clock” for people with small or worn teeth, giving them a more youthful smile.

To find out if you are a good candidate for Super-Thin No-Prep veneers,
call our office to schedule a thorough diagnostic visit.