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Some of our patients enjoyed their experience at our office so much, they wanted you to know about it too!


Excellent service. Staff is super friendly. Have recommended to friends and family.”

by Randy A on 2017-06-29

 Excellent experience. Everyone is always pleasant, friendly, and knowledgeable.

by David H on 2017-06-16

  I love Dr. Hodous’ office! I never have to wait, and it is always a quick appointment. His staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. I will always be a patient here!

by Casey B on 2017-06-08

 Feels like family! I always look forward to my dental appointments.

by Crystal B on 2017-06-15

Always a pleasant experience.

by Joan P on 2017-06-01

Dr. Hodous is a friend more so than a dentist.

by Omar M on 2017-05-25

Glad to have found a great dentist in a new town.

by Mike A on 2017-05-22

Best dental experience of my life!

by Michael M on 2017-05-12

I’m laughing at this. Like you need a review. I’ve never, ever had a bad experience with you all. I feel like you all are members of our family. I appreciate you and trust you as our dental advisors, coaches, and experts! Thank you.

by John R on 2017-05-12

Great experience!

by Jason K on 2017-04-28

Upbeat, Friendly, Informative. Such a great environment. Dr. Hodous, Allie, and the whole team exude care, friendliness, and a real joy for what they do with their patients. It is much appreciated. Heck. I think it was the only hour of this week that I was actually relaxed. Thanks for another great appointment.

by Eric H on 2017-04-18

I couldn’t find a nasty thing to say about this practice if I tried. The staff, dental assistant, and dentist are world class, and their service is personal and full of care. I never thought a visit to the dentist would be something I would look forward to.

by Jim G on 2017-04-14

 I have recommended Dr. Hodous to friends.

by Steven H on 2017-04-14

I was disappointed that I didn’t get to visit with Olivia this time (although it was cool that she popped in and said hi) – but it was enjoyable!

by Ron G on 2017-03-16

Just like always – the best!

by Joyce D on 2017-03-15

I love the amethyst bed that helps me to relax before my exam begins. I also like that fluoride free toothpaste is provided.

by Ashlee Hicks on 2017-03-03

Thank you for the great visit! Very modern and comfortable office – that chair rules!

by Gretchen S on 2017-02-18

Dr. Hodous, you and your staff are the best.

by Regina B on 2017-02-23

By far the best dental office I’ve ever used.

by Kevin S on 2017-02-22

I am 60 so I’ve seen my share of dentists, and this was one of my best experiences! The staff was extremely knowledgeable and engaging and Dr. Hodous even suggested a course of action that will save me $4000 when he could have gone along with my ignorance. I am grateful to find this place!

by Mike A on 2017-02-09

Great experience!

by Patrick M on 2017-01-26

I have always had anxiety with dental visits. The staff was kind and considerate as well as very knowledgeable. My experience today was 10/10!

by Heather M on 2017-01-25

The girls are all wonderful, knowledgeable, and friendly. I never feel rush and yet I am in and out in a minimal amount of time. My dentures look and feel great. I can eat, smile, and for the first time in 40 years, whistle. Dr. Hodous is to be congratulated for putting together a fantastic team. Thank you, Doc. I appreciate the approach and the chairside manner with which you have addressed my problems.

by Jim S on 2017-01-24

Most people dread going to the dentist but Dr. Hodous and his staff make it a non-stressful event whether you are just there for a cleaning or a filling. The office does not have that “dentist office” feel or smell. You aren’t just another patient to them, they know your name when you walk in the door from the very first visit. I am so glad I found Dr. Hodous for my dentist!

by Denise E on 2017-01-13

It was a great experience! Thank you for your great management of patients and the process you use for explaining treatment, etc. is very patient-friendly.

by Angie A on 2017-01-12

Very friendly and professional, addressed my concern, answered all questions, gave me all options, and Dr. Hodous called me later that night to check on me. I am extremely impressed with everything about Dr. Hodous and his office!! Highly recommend!

by Holly B on 2017-01-11

It was a wonderful visit. Thank you for putting me at easy today. I hope to return to your office for many years. Thanks for everything!

by Emil K on 2017-01-10

I always have a great experience at Dr. Hodous’ office.

 by Steven H on 2017-01-06

 The office was great! My appointment went very well! My only issue was I had a mold made and he got a bunch of the molding material on my face not near my mouth. It was near the back of my face and also on my nose. That’s how molds are though. It gets everywhere but well worth it. Very easy to clean off.

by Anon on 2016-09-27

Amazing care that no other dentist office that I have been to has provided. Best by far!

by Janelle on 2016-09-12

Easiest dentist to go to. Wonderful wonderful staff.

by Ian on 2016-09-08

Great service!

by Todd DeBriyn on 2016-09-06

Fabulous, as usual!

by Jennifer Watkins on 2016-08-31

Very nice and a good overall experience.

by Joe on 2016-08-25

Dr. Hodous, you and your staff are the best!

by Regina Barnes on 2016-02-23

By far the best dental office I’ve ever used!

by Kevin S. on 2016-02-22

This is a GREAT office. Everyone is very friendly and efficient. I didn’t wait at all to get in and they are so nice. If you do not leave the office feeling better then when you got there you should check your pulse. They are great at explaining everything before they do it and you are treated as a person not just another patient to get thru. I highly recommend this dentist office. They are super.

by Eddie Collins on 2016-08-24

Very nice and a good overall experience.

by Joe on 2016-08-25

Dr Hodous is the best dentist I’ve ever had. He is conscientious, friendly, informative and very gentle. I needed a chipped tooth fixed right away and his receptionist got me in that day. In 30 minutes my tooth was like new. Thank you Dr. Hodous! I recommend Dr. Hodous to all my family and friends.

by Yvonne on 2016-08-19

Thank you for getting me in so quickly. My retainer is restored to better than new condition!! You all are the best!!

by Lee Ann Kizzar on 2016-08-17

Dr. Hodous and staff are very friendly, professional and have excellent services. I personally dislike going to the dentist however they get you taken care of. I highly recommend them.

by Jennifer on 2016-08-12

I recommend Dr. Hodous to everyone looking for a dentist in NWA. He’s fantastic and his staff are all amazing!

by Lindsey King on 2016-07-27

Wonderful staff, everyone was very friendly, and the doctor was great!

by Shawn House on 2016-07-26

My rating says it all… Dr. Hodous and his staff couldn’t be warmer or put me more at ease – and that is important when going to the dentist!

by Pamela Elliott on 2016-07-15

Excellent,prompt, courteous staff. I’ve been going here for years and will never change.

by Anon on 2016-06-29

Another great experience with Robert and his staff. Such a positive environment. I have already recommended them to 4 people and will continue to do so. Unlike any other dentist I have been to. Try them, you won’t be disappointed.

by Peter Frowen on 2016-06-24

Great experience

by O.C. Newton on 2016-06-10 Great experience

How strange but wonderful to leave a dentist office with less of a tension headache than I had when I went in!

by Lisa McCormack on 2016-06-08

 Outstanding experience! Dr. Hodous and the staff are very courteous, caring, and competent. Highly recommended!

by Dustin Richards on 2016-06-08

Very personable, treats you like an equal, explains what he’s doing and why, gentle made sure i was comfortable and his staff was very nice they remembered my name from my first visit 2 weeks eariler. Great staff great dentist.

by Joyce Shaw on 2016-06-02

No one gives shots like Dr. Hodous. I *HATE* needles, but he makes the injections very bearable.

by Joseph Corn on 2016-06-01

My initial consultation with Dr. Hodous was excellent as was my follow up. I had 5 extractions done (yeah, I know) that were started from a car collision many years ago. The majority of my back molars were cracked and broken and needed some work done. I feel that Dr. Hodous and his assistant, Olivia, did a fantastic job. It was uncomfortable for a few hours afterward but my recovery was super-quick. He’s very good at what he does, an impressive 32 years of experience, and has great people working with him. I’ll be using him as my regular dentist even after I complete the next 3 follow up visits to get the rest of the work done. Highly recommend.

by Patrick Ray on 2016-05-19

great dentist.

by Michael Garnett on 2016-05-06 great dentist.

He’s a great dentist. Fast, efficient, and caring.

by Anon on 2016-04-29

As always, my visit to my dentist was awesome ! I got an appointment for the next morning after I called. The job was quick, efficient, professional and painless. What more could I ask for? I love Dr Hodous and his staff !

by Betty Roughton on 2016-04-27

I was very pleased with my visit to Dr. Hodous. He and his staff were extremely inviting & comforting and put my worries at ease. Even though I had a not too pleasant procedure done, I can’t say that my visit was anything less than pleasing overall. My only regret is that it took me so long to come here. Two thumbs way up!

by Kelvin Summerville on 2016-04-21

Super friendly staff. First time I had been to Dr. Hodous, but it felt like the fifteenth. Unusually comfortable for a dentist office. I would definitely recommend someone who is looking for a great dentist.

by Taylor Johnson on 2016-04-20

Great! Found his business after I moved to the area. Love the one on one and setting of the office. Great knowledge and is very understanding. You can see his passion for what he does! I am very pleased with my 3 visits so far!! Love my smile

by Angela Flake on 2016-04-15

As always, I received a warm welcome and was quickly taken back to begin appointment. Everything was quick and painless. The hygienist was friendly and professional and described exactly what was happening and passed along helpful information. I have come to expect no less from my visits.

by Michael Wilson on 2016-04-14

The Dentist and his staff were patient and helpful. It was much appreciated.

by Anon on 2016-04-14

Very friendly and qualified staff, on time appointments makes it perfect.

by Richard Wilkins on 2016-04-07

friendly and painless

by Nancy Brandon on 2016-03-30

My visits are always quick, pain free, inexpensive, and very little wait time. There is always a friendly greeting when I walk in the door. The waiting room is comfortable and very clean and neat. All the staff are very professional and treat me with respect and make me feel very comfortable. Dr Hodous is always keeping up with the latest technology in dentistry. If I ever have any questions they are wonderful to take the time to explain everything in detail so I understand the treatment and payment options. I highly recommend Doctor Hodous and his staff, they are great ! They all enjoy their jobs and get along very well with each other and this makes for a very pleasant environment. I love them !

by Alice Stillwell-Jackson on 2016-03-13

My wife and I have been going to Dr. Hodous for many years now. He and his staff are wonderful and I highly recommend Dr. Hodous as the best dentist in NW Arkansas! He performed work on my teeth years ago that no other dentist would do and he did a miraculous job. We absolutely love him and will never consider anyone else!

by Michael Disney on 2016-03-11

Always look forward to my 6 month cleaning and check up. The staff is friendly, helpful and good spirits. I’ve never been nervous about dentists, but maybe I’ve been lucky to always get the good ones, like Dr. Hodous.

by Eric Huber on 2016-03-10

I loved your office. The staff was really nice. The dentist was great. I would recommend you to anybody. Thanks for having me as a patient and getting me in so quickly. When you are in pain from a broken tooth you don’t want to have to sit and wait any longer than you have to. I love the relaxation room it’s nice to not have to wait in an uncomfortable chair to finish your visit. It’s really nice that you guys treat your patients so great and make them feel at home. I’m an anxious patient when I’m in pain and the relaxation room help so much. thanks again for all that you do sincerely Mrs Stewart.

by Amy Stewart on 2016-03-10

Did a great job explaining the treatment plan and took time to answer any questions.

by Adrienne Conklin on 2016-03-03

The staff is top notch and makes you fill at ease during your procedure. Dr. Hodous explains in lamen terms everything he is doing and why he is doing it. Highly recommend.

by Randall Albright on 2016-02-24

Great experience

by Todd DeBriyn on 2016-02-24

It was great, very quick and when I started to panic, they immediately stared talking about planting flowers to distract me and it worked, I forgot to panic and it was over before I knew it ~ Big kudos to them!!! I’m not the easiest patient ~

by Sherry Carter on 2016-02-19

Great eco-friendly dentist. We also like him because he is careful to avoid the use of materials with unnecessary and toxic ingredients like sugar and fluoride. I like the new hygienist: very competent and welcoming. And she has a great smile, as any dental worker should, right? Office visits are a wonderfully pleasant experience.

by Gary Milczarek on 2016-02-18

I am always impressed by the high quality of care and caring at every appointment. Thank you Dr Hodous and crew!

by Betty Roughton on 2016-02-10

Dr. Hodous’s “bedside manner” is gentle, reassuring, and entertaining – he keeps up the right amount of humor and interesting commentary to effectively distract the patient from the usual unpleasantness of dental work. (The only real problem for me was not being able to engage in a balanced conversation with him, due to my numb mouth full of active dental instruments!) His assistants are consistently affable, supportive, and knowledgeable. I had 2 hours of major dental work done – including the removal of 3 old crowns and some extensive decay underneath, the filling of a few cavities, and the fitting of temporary crowns – and everything proceeded quite painlessly and swiftly, in a relaxed, pleasant atmosphere. Considering all the work that had to be done, this is probably the best dentist experience I’ve ever had. Importantly, Dr. Hodous uses state-of-the-art high-tech equipment while also staying safely “green” – no metals will be installed in your mouth.

by David Grahame on 2016-02-10

Very Nice, pleasant.

by John Scott on 2016-02-10

As fun as always!

by Walter Swink on 2016-02-05

Dr.Hodous always provides his expert dental care w a gentle manner making me feel relaxed & confident that my oral health is guaranteed. I actually look forward to relaxing in the chair while dr. Hodous works along w his very capable assistant,Olivia. The office space is immaculate& pleasant. I recommend THE DENTAL SPA whole heartedly.

by Marie Silano on 2016-02-05

Lots of interaction and information given – everyone was friendly and positive but realistic, a good balance. I appreciated the attention to detail and the up-to-date technology, also thorough visit with Dr. Hodous again after appointment. I liked seeing photos of my teeth to understand specifics. Marlene was great, professional, and listened and as well giving a lot of information. I will definitely return and recommend others visit.

by Elizabeth Scott on 2016-01-29

Dr. Hodous & his staff are always friendly & prompt. I have never had to wait a long time after arrival for my procedure to begin. They know their patients by name when you walk in the door so the service is very personal.

by Denise Elms on 2016-01-28

Professional, efficient,good quality dental work. Staff is excellent and Kelly runs the front office extremely well, always on top of everything. Highly recommended!

by Mark Bickford on 2016-01-28

The dentist with the midas touch!

by Walter Swink on 2016-01-22

Very good dentist. He’s a bit of an artist and a perfectionist, which is good. The staff is great. I actually enjoy going to the dentist!

by Susan James-McDonald on 2016-01-14

Excellent support staff, and Dr. Hodous takes care to answer all of the patients questions and concerns.

by Anon on 2016-01-14

Could not be better. Took years to find this group and will stay for SURE. Thanks Bob

by Robert Tetu on 2016-01-13

Marlene the newest member on Robert G and the Bicupsid’s Team did an outstanding cleaning. Thanks and Welcome !!!!!!

by Patricia Tetu on 2016-01-13

I love this office! Great staff, great dentist — LOVE

by Anon on 2016-01-07

Dr Hodous and his staff are awesome!!

by Sherry Carter on 2016-01-06

I had a very difficult procedure done and Dr. Hodous and his team made the experience actually pleasant. I highly recommend their expertise and kindness. A unique combination in the world of dentistry!

by Anon on 2015-12-29

My treatment was pain free ! Doctor Hodous always checks on me and makes sure I am doing ok during the treatment. His assistant is also very caring and is great to explain to me what she is getting ready to do and makes me feel at ease. During my treatment they even took the time to call my insurance and see how much I had left I could spend this year. They always keep me informed about my treatment plan and I am given options on how the treatments can be completed. The office is very peaceful and the team of people that work there get along very well with each other and you can tell they really enjoy their job. I am a very happy patient !

by Alice Stillwell-Jackson on 2015-12-18

Friendly and helpful office staff and hygienist. Excellent exam and care with Dr. Hodous.

by Anon on 2015-12-11

As pleasant as getting a filling could be. Fast and friendly care in a welcoming environment.

by Amelia Smith on 2015-12-10

Got a filling, cleaning, and X-ray. Great service, very considerate of patient.

by Thomas Downs on 2015-12-03

I appreciated how vocal and detailed the staff was about information related to my health. I didn’t feel rushed and felt comfortable to bring up any comment or question. Hodous talked through each step for me, which I appreciate as an adult. Straight-forward and honest, but encouraging.

by Christine Faubel on 2015-11-26

The best service ever, they treat you like family.

by Daniel Hernandez on 2015-11-06

My appointment went very smooth. Dr Hodous was very thorough and explained everything easily and gave options to my issue. His staff was very courteous, helpful and kind. My procedure was quickly taken care of in a short amount of time and painlessly.

by Keith Branch on 2015-11-04

Great professional experience

by Michael Maynard on 2015-11-04

Great job always.

by Anon on 2015-10-30

Great visit as a new patient! Dr Hodous and staff did a great job. Looking forward to being a committed patient for the care of my dental needs.

by Angela Flake on 2015-10-21

I had major dental work done here and have never felt better!! I am so inspired by my new smile that I got a hair cut and am going on a diet. Never felt better– Thanks to the Doc and staff!

by Shannon Wright on 2015-10-05

 Always makes it painless and super fast!

by Julie Fleming on 2015-10-01

very gentle and painfee

by Nancy Brandon on 2015-09-27

I cannot believe how relaxed I am, going to THE dentist, DR Hodous. My friends my very first visit, I was shaking leaving nail prints in the arm rests. Today, I walk in take my place and let the work begin Why, Dr Hodous is the best

by Carolyn Campeau on 2015-09-25

Drilling and fitting for a temporary crown. I had no problems. He did a good job.

by Michael Ruff on 2015-09-16

Pain free and easy

by Nancy Brandon on 2015-09-16

Dr. Hodous really takes the time to explain everything and you can tell he really cares about his patients. I would recommend him highly to anyone looking for a dentist in NWA.

by Edmond Bacon III on 2015-09-07

It was great as usual!!

by Anon on 2015-09-04 

Everyone was very kind and supportive

by Anon on 2015-08-28

Never a wait, great dentist. Always recommend to others.

by Brandon Brown on 2015-08-27

He was very thorough and really cared about my dental health. Gave me very good tips for going forward. He also was very good cleaning as I have a sensitive mouth and he made it great!

by Christopher Pencille on 2015-08-20

I arrived with 6 uppers in questionable condition and left with 12 new pearly whites selected by Robert G and the Bicuspids. Great job , AWESOME TEAM. Bob Tetu

by Robert Tetu on 2015-08-19

Dr. Hodous and his staff are very friendly and work together to provide excellent patient care. Going to the dentist is not bad at all when you visit Dr. Hodous. His staff makes sure you feel comfortable throughout your experience. I would recommend Dr. Hodous to anyone!

by Claire Lewis on 2015-07-24

As always, Dr. Hodous and his staff were friendly and attentive. My appointment began and ended on time and the price I was quoted for services prior to my appointment was what I paid to the penny. I’m very happy I found Dr. Hodous when I moved to Northwest Arkansas!

by Eric Seger on 2015-07-16

Outstanding job. I wish I had more teeth for you guys to work on. Bob

by Robert Tetu on 2015-07-10

Dr. Hodous and staff are hands down the best.

by Cindy Gray on 2015-07-01

appointment was a breeze, timely, friendly staff, great surroundings – definitely recommend

by Grace Divinia on 2015-07-01

Great, positive dental experience. Very knowledgeable. Will definitely be recommending him to friends.

by Anon on 2015-06-04

Dr. Hodous and his staff were great. I HATE the dentist and have avoided it for years, and they were very nice! They explained everything they were doing and talked me through the entire process. I’ll definitely be back.

by Anon on 2015-06-01

He’s a very good dentist.

by Amber Beauchamp on 2015-05-31

Dr Hodoeus is always ber nice & very prompt

by Todd DeBriyn on 2015-05-29

Excellent service. I was impressed by the up to date technology and knowledgeable dentist. I am an environmentalist and going to a green dentist is one of my top priorities. I love the relaxation room. It demonstrated the care and advanced techniques reflected by the staff and administration.

by Melinda Gay on 2015-05-16

I had a very pleasant experience. The staff were so nice and extremely professional. I liked Dr. Hodous very much. He made me feel at ease and had a great demeanor. I had X-Rays and loved their state of the art equipment.

by Connie McQuay on 2015-05-09


by Anon on 2015-05-09

vDr Hodous is Awesome! Best dentist I’ve ever been to.

by Ryan McElroy on 2015-05-07

Dental Anxiety is a thing of the past. Dr. Hodous is excellent. explains precisely what needs to be done and the method of treatment that will be performed.

by Mechele Hill on 2015-05-06

The entire experience was great. From the front door to leaving, Dr. Hodous and all his staff were awesome!

by Joetta Dixon on 2015-05-01

A near perfect experience! The doctor and staff are ver friendly. The new patient paperwork is streamlined and easy to complete online, unlike other offices which require pages and pages of repetition.

by Anon on 2015-04-30

Thank you – I appreciate the work you did

by Shawn McCarthy on 2015-04-29

Excellent, knowledgeable experience. Kind, friendly staff.

by Anon on 2015-04-22

Wouldn’t go anywhere else! Very detail oriented and makes you most comfortable.

by Walter Swink on 2015-04-15

Dr. Hodous is kind & gentle, and the whole staff is wonderful & caring.

by Teresa Campbell on 2015-04-10

Great experience with a friendly and professional staff.

by Michael Maynard on 2015-04-08

Absolutely loved the environment, everyone was so nice. Dr.Hodous explained everything in detail of what he was doing, what tools he was using and why. He is also very funny which is so refreshing when you are going to a dentist. He took the time to talk to me, other dentist usually let the assistant do that. I recommend him in a heartbeat!

by Franchesca Jovica on 2015-04-01

No wait time, in and out in less than thirty minutes.

by Michael Wilson on 2015-04-01

Another great visit with Dr. H and his team!

by Anon on 2015-03-19

Great staff who make you forget about tooth aches, cavities! Dr Hodous is a great dentist!

by Mallory Mayo on 2015-03-18

I’m very impressed with everyone in Dr. Hodous office. There’s a very comfortable atmosphere, very high quality work and minimal stress for dental work! THANKS!! I’ll recommend you to everyone!

by Grace Divinia on 2015-03-11

Dr Hodus is by far the best dentist I’ve ever used.

by Ryan McElroy on 2015-02-19

He had me in and out quickly and with luster. The staff was very friendly and professional. Honestly, I don’t think I’d trust anyone else with my mouth’s health. But Dr. Hodous should know this by now. I’ve only been with him for years.

by Zachary Rupe on 2015-02-16

The Dr. And his assistants are great. Very nice and do a great job of doing as much as possible to keep you comfortable. I would recommend them to everyone looking for a great dentist

by Taylor Frizzell on 2015-02-11

I am super excited to find a dentist that incorporates holistic practices with modern approaches.

by Ashlee Ogden Long-Hicks on 2015-02-04

Happy camper

by Gary Milczarek on 2015-02-04

Great. Friendly, professional, great work they have it all.

by Natalie Olsen on 2015-02-02

As always my visit was fast, pain free and excellent work done on my teeth. Dr. Hodous does a great job and always makes sure I am comfortable. He also explains everything that needs to be done and keeps me informed as he works. Besides being pain free in the chair, the check out is also pain free. The cost of my visit was very affordable and I even got a goodie bag and my favorite kind of funny shaped toothbrush. I also like that when I left I had a list of future work that needs to be done so I can plan my next visit. The staff is so nice and they are very caring and understanding when I have a reason that I need to be seen quickly. They keep me smiling !!!

by Alice Stillwell-Jackson on 2015-01-17

AWESOME!!!!! Dr. Robert G. and his Fantastic Team treated me like a Queen For A Day. James Bond has “M” for a team member and Dr. Robert G.’s sidekick is “N” Together they make sure that you have the most pleasant memories while drilling, removing and rebuilding your tooth to perfection. They make going to the Dentist an event you look forward to and can’t wait to come back.

by Patricia Tetu on 2015-01-15

I enjoyed my visit and appreciated the level of communication the dentist provided.

by Shawn Bennett on 2015-01-15

Great as always!! Thanks so much!

by Berklie Young on 2015-01-14

I have two new beautiful teeth! I never have to wait for my appointmenbt I love going to the dentist with Dr. Hodous. Thank you Dr. Hodous, Olivia and Kelly!

by Hannah Fleming on 2015-01-07

Hi My visit today was without a doubt the best dental experience I have ever had in my 77 years here on Earth. You folks are awesome!!! Bob T-2

by Robert Tetu on 2014-12-3 

Excellent experience! I had a very painless cavity filled. I hope I won’t need any more cavities filled anytime soon, but if I do, Dr. Hodous would always be my “go to” dentist.

by Anon on 2014-12-30

As always, as enjoyable as a visit to a dentist’s office could be.

by William Wright on 2014-12-24

I really like Dr Hodous and his staff. They are friendly, fun, and entertaining. Though it’s a bit hard when you just have to laugh with hands in your mouth. They get you in and out quickly with very little wait and do a great job.

by Marie Shipp on 2014-12-10

Thank you for the gentle care to my ailing molar. As usual, the best!

by Joyce Doege on 2014-12-06

I’m so thankful that I saw Dr Hodous! At my appointment he was able to give me answers to a problem I’ve had for 20 years that no other dentist has been able to do. I look forward to getting my family in to see him and having him as our family dentist.

by Lisa Velasco on 2014-12-05

Super friendly place! Dr. Hodous gives you a really great experience. never had I had a dentist show real Interest in explaining everything to me from my concerns, to what he recommends and background about my teeth. Truly an awesome Place!

by Zaira Morales on 2014-12-05

The good doctor and his staff are always very kind and helpful. I come back again and again.

by Anon on 2014-12-03

Thank you. I like the new dental hygienist, Olivia. Dr. Hodous is skillful, thoughtful and caring. He’s always finding new ways to upgrade the quality of his dental practice. Highly recommended!

by Geoff Oelsner on 2014-12-03

Dr. Hodous clearly knows dentistry and I am glad I found him. His receptionist helped me with insurance issues, and his chair side assistant is a sweetheart. His bonding work on my front tooth was perfection—this is not a common ability among dentists!

by Joan Philip on 2014-12-03 

Excellent service. Very personable staff &great to deal with

by Todd DeBriyn on 2014-11-14

Excellent care and service!!!

by Cindy Watkins on 2014-11-05

A very professional and pleasant visit. A team that works well together and makes going to the dentist not so bad. All at the office were very cordial.Thanks for a pleasant experience.

by Joseph Tabone on 2014-11-04

I was really satisfied with the the removal of my two teeth and two fillings. I am usually very apprehensive about going to the dentist dating back to my first visit to have a filling in the mid-1950s. My visit was probability theleast apprehensive I can remember. THANKS.

by Harry Martin on 2014-11-03

 Very helpful & answered all of my questions. Excellent service

by Todd DeBriyn on 2014-10-31

 My visit was excellent…as always. You all make a visit to the dentist not so intimidating. Your smiles brighten my day. Thank you!

by Julie Wilson on 2014-10-30

Very professional and they made me comfortable at the dentist.

by John Frazier on 2014-10-29

Pleasant, thorough, instructive regular cleaning/checkup. Dr. Hodous continually offers individual instructions for dental hygiene. All the staff are competent & compassionate .

by Marie Silano on 2014-10-24

Dr. Hodous and his staff are the best: friendly, efficient, and knowledgeable.

by Nita Sims on 2014-10-16

 Friendly staff using the newest technology.

by Anon on 2014-10-16

 Everyone at Dr. Hodous office was extremely nice and made the whole experience of having a tooth repaired very pleasant. I will be going back there for any future work and for my cleanings because it was so pleasant. Thank you all for making it a good visit.

by Michael Roach on 2014-10-11

Dr. Hodous and his staff provide caring, professional and superior quality dentistry. Don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment.

by Linda Hebert on 2014-10-09

Dentistry doesn’t get any better than this!

by Anon on 2014-10-09

Couldn’t have asked for a better experience!

by Ryan McElroy on 2014-10-04

Another stellar visit with Dr. Hodous and team. You guys are the best!

by Kimberly H on 2014-09-24

Your friendly, courteous staff does a great job. Thanks so much!

by Michael Wilson on 2014-09-18

Fast, gentle, and listening to the father/daughter patter is a hoot.

by Lisa McCormack on 2014-09-17

Very customer-friendly yet professional experience in a welcoming and inviting setting! Dr. Hoduos, Kelly and Ellie ( I hope I got the spelling right) make an amazing team!

by Joseph Mwofoh on 2014-09-17

what a great staff and dentist! All their equipment is state of the art. I have never had such clean teeth!

Mark Myers on 2014-09-14

I am a fan of the teeth cleaning system used by Dr. Hodous. Very friendly office.

by Richard Wilkins on 2014-09-12

Thank you for GOOD service. My recover has been going very well! I did not experience enough pain to warrant any pain med at all and all appears to be healing well. I have an appointment on the 22nd with periodontist and I will let you know which way I go regarding implants.

by David Humphrey on 2014-09-05

Another great visit with Dr. Hodous. He is extremely profession and friendly at the same time. He has done a wonderful job setting up a long term plan for my teeth and his office does a great job accompanying my busy schedule. Going to the dentist has become enjoyable again with Dr. Hodous.

by John Griesse on 2014-08-29

Always best experience

by Carolyn Campeau on 2014-08-22


by Gerry Segal on 2014-08-15

As usual, a pleasant, efficient, smooth, and effective visit. 🙂

by Anon on 2014-08-07

I’ve used Dr. Robert Hodous for years and I wouldn’t go anywhere else, Super friendly, Awesome and Knowledgeable staff!! Facilities are super clean, great new technology in x-rays. Thorough visits, Helpful in letting you know what can be done to help improve specific problem areas and overall dental health. You’re not just a number they really care about your teeth and work with you to make you, your best!! Keep up the amazing job you do!

by Krystal Filbeck on 2014-08-06

My visit to the office was awesome!

by Polly McGuire on 2014-07-25

Very pleased with the doctor and staff. Have already recommended him to others.

by Natalie Olsen on 2014-07-25

It was great! Enjoy the conversation

by Deborah Austin on 2014-07-23

Please Dr. Hodous, don’t ever retire!

by Joseph Corn on 2014-07-23

I have never been to a more knowledgeable/ thorough dentist. I was comfortable and actually ENJOYED my appointment- how often can a person say that?!

by Jennifer Horne on 2014-07-17

Wonderful staff! They explained what they were doing in detail during my exam. I left educated and grateful.

by Eric Fleming on 2014-06-18 

One of the few dentists I’ve met that will sit with you and give you his time. He’s not only an amazing at what he does, but his bedside manner is wonderful as well. That’s imperative for a great dentist.

by Amanda McClary- Pride on 2014-06-06

Dr. Hodous is extremely competent and makes you feel at ease. Friendly and experienced staff. The most up to date equipment. I was truly impressed and thankful to have found such a great dentist and will recommend him to anyone.

by Jennifer Frazier on 2014-06-04

Dr. Hodous is kind and caring. Great person, great dentist. Best I’ve gone to. I barely felt anything during my cleaning, which usually is not the case elsewhere. Highly recommended.

by Pedro Souza on 2014-06-03

I’ve never been more pain-free, satisfied or confident in a dentist . In my opinion Dr. Hodous is the best the is

by Karen Gill on 2014-05-26 

Very friendly…they always explain the procedure. They even have a meditation room!

by James Dailey on 2014-05-25

Dr. Hodous & his staff was awesome! I have used Dr. Hodous since he started his practice in Fayetteville years ago & have never had a bad experience. They always go the extra mile & make you feel extremely comfortable through any dental process that needs to be performed. I love them & will continue to recommend them to anyone! Mike D.

by Michael Disney on 2014-05-14

Good dentist. Friendly staff. Modern equipment. Environmentally conscious.

by Robert Sims on 2014-05-10

I feel that Dr. Hodous is an outstanding dentist. Current! Caring! Willing to listen! !

by Ken Fladie on 2014-05-07

Another 5 star appointment! Thanks!!

by Linda Hebert on 2014-05-09

Friendly staff, no pain, excellent work!

by Chandi Gregory on 2014-05-01

Everyone is so nice and professional. You really feel they care about what they’re doing. Kudos!

by Janita (Jay) Blake on 2014-04-30

Best dentist in Arkansas. By far.

by Joseph Corn on 2014-04-25

New x-ray and attentive service. Always a pleasure.

by John Stevens on 2014-04-23

Staff always does great job. Very nice and professional.

by Anon on 2014-04-23

As always, Dr. Hodous & his staff were not only very professional & courteous but they make you feel extremely comfortable & like your family. How many times have you heard a family say, “We look forward to going to the dentist”? Well, we do! Keep up the great work.

by Michael Disney on 2014-04-18

Only one visit so far. But I was happy with everything from the procedure to the one on one consultation with Dr Hodous on what was going on in my mouth to recommendations to the friendly staff. Looking forward to my next visit

by Michelle Keyes on 2014-04-11

I love Dr Hodous and his friendly office staff. I never have to wait, and I’m usually done with my routine exam/cleaning in 30 minutes!

by Carrie Husong on 2014-04-10

Nice surroundings, clean, neat, with new high tech equipment. Great personal — friendly, helpful and courteous . A very positive client experience. Thanks so much.

by Anon on 2014-04-02

Every aspect of my appointment was excellent.

by Richard Wilkins on 2014-03-26

For the first time in my life, I actually look forward to my dental visits every 6 months! Dr. Hodous is kind, gentle & positive with every part of the appointment! It’s refreshing to see a dentist have such a passion for what he does! The staff is warm, inviting & caring…completing a wonderful experience. Thank you all for being who you ARE!

by Chrysi Black on 2014-03-22

Appreciate the sensitivity everyone has and the constant proactive advice they always give!

by Anh Dao Kolbe on 2014-03-19

This was the most pleasant dental cleaning I’ve ever had. Dr. Hodous’ office is very courteous and prompt.

by Hermine Wilkins on 2014-03-19

Dr. Hodous is very friendly and the staff is very professional.

by Michael Wilson on 2014-03-0

Wonderful dentist and wonderful people and environment! Can’t say enough good things about Dr Hodous. So glad I found this office asI have had experience with difficult dentist and office staff . Highly recommend !

by Fran Vaught on 2014-02-27 

I was very happy with the dental services received from Dr. Hodous.

by Richard Wilkins on 2014-02-25

I appreciate the professionalism of your dental office.

by Margaret Griesse on 2014-02-23

Truly professional. They dealt with my cleaning and every question I had in a quick, informative manner.

by Remington Rice on 2014-02-20

Two thumb’s up!

by Pamela Jones on 2014-02-20

It is not often that I like going to a Dentist. In fact, I hate having somebody poking around in my mouth with metal objects and needles. Bob and his staff made my recent experience much more tolerable (rising to the level of pleasant…well maybe more tolerable and acceptable). I did not feel the Novocain shot and the procedure was completed quickly. We have a plan for continued care and follow up. Ok…I finally found a dentist that I will keep, Bob Hodus. If anybody wants my recommendation for a family dental professional ..pick Bob and his staff.

by Rodger Lecy on 2014-02-20

The most comfortable place to be

by Carolyn Campeau on 2014-02-14

He is by far the best dentist I’ve ever been to the staff is always very friendly and office is always very clean!!

by Jessica Goedereis on 2014-02-08

The care was outstanding (although more expensive than I thought it would be)

by Robert Emenegger on 2014-02-06

Dr. Hodous and staff are the best. Great service and friendly atmosphere.

by Delores Gibson on 2014-01-31

Love that Dr. Hodous, Ally, and Kelly!

by Hannah Fleming on 2014-01-24

Great service, very pleased with results.

by David Humphrey on 2014-01-16

Super. No waiting at my appointment time! Professional, friendly greeting from Kelly at the front desk. Dr. Hodous and Ally provide comforting chair side manner to make me feel at ease. Dr. Hodous even called to check on me the next day. This dental office is exceptional in every way. And my teeth are happy!

by Joyce Doege on 2014-01-15 

I’ve been going to Dr. Hodous for about 10 years, now. His office staff are friendly and interested in the well being and comfort of the patients. His dental work is excellent. I consider him an artist/sculptor when it comes to creating caps for my teeth. He and his assistants are entertaining. I have had a few bad experiences in my life with dentist, but this office has helped me overcome any anxiety about going to the dentist. Highly recommended!

by Anon on 2013-12-22

I want you to know you are the best dentist I ever had.

by Omar Manasreh on 2013-12-19 

Quick clean and easy.

by John Stevens on 2013-12-18

Great experience. Fully walks through the process and everything you’d like to know.

by Kevin Stewart on 2013-12-17

Dr. Hodous and his staff are wonderful. “You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometime, you’ll get what you need.” Rolling Stones, aside, you CAN get what you want, AND what you Need, for your dental health at Dr. Hodous’ office. They’re always prompt, professional, caring- and Dr. Hodous does great work. Want Beautiful, Healthy Teeth? Call them. I recommend Dr. Hodous all the time. (I really do.)

by Linda Hebert on 2013-12-15

The office was small and personable. Absolutely loved the relaxation room! Even just from my initial appointment I could tell he was genuine, professional, and upbeat. His staff was amazing and I’ve never felt so welcomed in a dentists office before. He cares about the entire health of your smile and takes his time explaining everything about the health of your mouth. He doesn’t push you to get work done when its unnesssary.

by Nicolette Humphrey on 2013-12-13

Great job! Fast and pain free!!

by Alice Stillwell-Jackson on 2013-12-12

Great experience!! I highly recommend him, The staff was very sweet and he did a wonderful job!!! Thanks so much!!

by Nicole Young-DeBriyn on 2013-12-07

I thoroughly enjoyed my visit! The staff was polite, professional, and friendly. Dr. Hodous took the time to answer my questions. Thank you!

by Anon on 2013-11-28

Always the best!

by Casey Prock on 2013-11-26

So far it’s been great. The big stuff is coming up, but I am confident that it will be okay.

by Gertrude Aldridge on 2013-11-19

He really cares for his patients

by Jeremy Williams on 2013-11-14


by Lonnie Wilson on 2013-11-08

I highly recommend Dr. Hodous. Great dentist and his staff is wonderful.

by Kathy Caldera on 2013-11-06

persoanal, professional, current, communicates well. Sounds crazy, but I don’t mind my visit at all.

by Ken Fladie on 2013-10-31

Warm, friendly atmosphere. Gentle, effective work

by Jeremy Hess on 2013-10-30

I’m completely pleased — Dr. Hodous himself does the cleaning, he’s friendly and respectful, and he makes lots of efforts to have the office ‘green’ and also up to date with the most effective and least invasive equipment.

by Leslie Oelsner on 2013-10-30

the dr. is a cool guy, great staff, very friendly, don’t “feel like a number”. the most comfortable i’ve ever felt in a dentist office.

by Curt Burgner on 2013-10-24

Dr. Hodous and his staff are very friendly and helpful. They do their best to make your trip to the dentist as comfortable as possible.

by Amelia Smith on 2013-10-22

Thank you for getting me right in.

by Jon Walters on 2013-10-16

Fast service, but quality. He’s fixed things other dentists did wrong.

by Anon on 2013-10-03

It’s rare that you laugh through a cleaning. I enjoyed the time spent even though I was getting x-rays and a cleaning. I will be back.

by Christina Petriches on 2013-10-02

I always feel loved and appreciated by Dr. Hodous and his staff when I come for a dental appointment. I know I am in good and competent hands

by Clifford Mikkelson on 2013-09-20

I am not an easy patient. I’m nervous and scared–actually phobic. Dr. Hodous has worked with me for years to deal with my fear and I am better than I’ve ever been. When he first me I had only just started back on the road to dental health after being too scared to go see a dentist for many years. Other dentists have shamed me or been frustrated–not Dr. Hodous. He takes his time and makes sure I am aware of what he’s doing and that I’m comfortable. He stops and waits as often as I need to. My fear at approaching appointments has gone from a 10+ to a 5, which is huge for me. His staff is always welcoming and kind and very very skilled. I have recommended friends and will continue to do so. A big thank you to Dr. Hodous and everyone he works with.

by Jyllian Martini on 2013-09-19

Thank you Dr. Hodous for the wonderful experience in theDentist Chair! Your office staff is both friendly and professional. I look forward to my next visit.

by Hannah Fleming on 2013-09-16

Gentle, caring, and nonjudgemental. A great dentist.

by Anon on 2013-09-08

Easy, little pain.

by John Stevens on 2013-08-30

Great staff, friendly and caring. But my concern was either the pain nummer or the aluminum chloride or the combo, made me feel somewhat like I was intoxicated. It did wear off, but I did feel out of sorts the rest of the day and even the following morning. I guess I am sensitive to those types of chemicals. Otherwise Dr Hodous was gentle and professional as usual.

by Gerry Segal on 2013-08-22

As always Dr Hodous & Allie are very gentle and respectful to my needs.

by Yvonne Segal on 2013-08-22

Great experience! With a professional, friendly staff that go above the call of duty! Thank you Robert G. Hodous, DDS

by Michael Maynard on 2013-08-22

Excellent service. Dr Hodous is very knowledgeable with a very good demeanor and attitude. Would definitely recommend him to anyone seeking great care. The receptionist and dental assistant were very nice and helpful. An overall great experience.

by Thomas Carter on 2013-08-19

They always do a great job! No pain procedures! Friendly and caring!

by Alice Stillwell-Jackson on 2013-08-17

I have only seen Dr. Hodous a few times now, but my visits have been nothing but professional. He and his staff have been very kind and friendly in all aspect. Would recommend him to anyone. Thanks for the god work. There are so many out there that are not at all up to standards. This office stands out in my mind.

by Laura Allen on 2013-08-16

Fast, friendly, and thorough dentist

by Benjamin Hawkins on 2013-08-11

As always, a very good experience. Everyone is very professional and friendly.

by Mark Koehler on 2013-07-31

He was very thorough and professional. All the staff were quite accommodating and friendly. Even though I was neevous, they helped put me at ease. Thanks!

by Anon on 2013-07-31 

As usual, Dr. Hodous and his team took great care of me. They made me feel comfortable. They were gentle. They explained everything that was going to happen at my visit. There were no surprises (I mean, I love surprises – but not at the dental office!) Dr. Hodous is my dentist for life!

by Anon on 2013-07-26

very satisfied

by Anon on 2013-07-25

Who knew these would be the words that would describe having a tooth extracted, but it was awesome, awesome, AWESOME. I really appreciate you and your staff – THANK YOU for all that you do!

by Anh Dao Kolbe on 2013-07-25

I just love The Dental Spa. It is always a wonderful pain free experience. My new whiting trays have made a big difference. Thank you to the whole Hodous staff! Rich King

by Sharman Sturchio on 2013-07-24

I’m grateful. He saved a tooth…

by Margaret Emenegger on 2013-07-15

knowledgeable, friendly, on time,…

by Anon on 2013-06-28

My experience has been great! 

by Anon on 2013-06-20

Excellent service and friendly,…

by Delores Gibson on 2013-06-16

Easy experience! 

by Amanda Wallace on 2013-06-06

Good – and fun – as usual!

by Diane Koepke on 2013-05-20

Always a great experience! Thank you Dr. Hodous.

by Julie Wilson on 2013-05-17

For a dental appt, it was a great…

by Heather Garland on 2013-05-16

Great work. Thanks

by Anon on 2013-05-16

Excellent as always.

by Joseph Corn on 2013-05-16

Best experience I’ve ever had.

by Linda Bolinger on 2013-05-09

Dr Hodous is great!

by Jeremy Williams on 2013-05-08 Dr Hodous is great!

Great job, very friendly!

by Kim Hughes-Hankins on 2013-05-03

comfortable experiance with excellent…

by Jessikah Moore Braginton on 2013-05-0

Dr. Hodous did a wonderful job on my teeth. He made me feel extremely comfortable and ensured there was no pain during the procedure.

by John Griesse on 2013-05-03

Very gentle and thorough and wonderful conversation with my mouth being occupied.

by Jeremy Hess on 2013-05-01

I am so scared to go to the dentist. The staff and Dr. Hodous made me feel welcome and helped to ease my fear.

by Anon on 2013-04-24 

Quick and efficient. Great staff!

by Carl Cody on 2013-04-24


by Lonnie Wilson on 2013-04-21

Excellent, friendly service by staff from being greeted pleasantly when I arrived to setting the next appointment. Dr. Hodous was gentle and considerate of my needs. They even let me select the music I wanted to listen to during my procedure. The best first appointment with a dentist I ever had.

by Joyce Doege on 2013-04-20 

Dr. Houdous is kind, open, receptive, and makes an effort to have the most up to date, least harmful technology. And I so respect his effots to run a ‘grreen’ office — even giving out and then re-collecting recyclable toothbrushes !

by Leslie Oelsner on 2013-04-18

Needed work was done well

by John Stevens on 2013-04-17

As always I appreciate the professional and personal atmosphere and service provided.

by Ken Fladie on 2013-04-12 

As usual, Dr Hodous and his staff continue to be absolutely top notch in their professions. Dr Hodous is highly knowledgeable, thorough, courteous, and very patient when explaining the answers to my dental health questions. Staff is equally professional, knowledgeable and they make my visit a pleasant experience. I always look forward to my visits to Dr Hodous’ office, knowing that I am getting the very best care and state of the art preventative dental treatment.

by Linda Hebert on 2013-04-12 

Dr. Hodous and his remarkable staff made me feel comfortable from the start. I needed major work done, and Dr. Hodous explained each step clearly and made it clear that he was there to help me. A day after the procedure he even called me at home to check my progress and reminded me that he was there for me if I needed anything. Very professional. Thank you all for my wonderful new smile!

by D Jord on 2013-04-07 

Went quickly and well.

by John Stevens on 2013-04-04

Awesome service and fun people. An all around great experience!

by Joetta Dixon on 2013-04-01

I didn’t feel a thing! Great work and beautiful restoration.

by Anon on 2013-03-30

Great dentist and assistant. I felt truly cared for.

by Anon on 2013-03-13

Everyone was friendly and nice 🙂 quick and efficient! I love that they take pictures of teeth and don’t use fluoride 😀

by Kati Street on 2013-03-13

Dr. Hodous is very skillful and his helpers are first rate. I actually enjoy going there.

by Clifford Mikkelson on 2013-03-08

Service &I patient Care was excellent…

by Denise Elms on 2013-03-08 

Problem, seen quickly, planned resolution.

by John Stevens on 2013-03-07

Had such a great experience with Dr. Hodous as always! See you again in 6 months!

by Larra Hayward on 2013-03-06 

Thank you for making going to the dentist a painless experience. I doubt if I will ever look forward to having a cavity filled, but at least you and your staff go the extra mile to make me feel comfortable and relaxed.

by Tamara Cooper on 2013-03-01

Thank you for being so kind and fixing my tooth. See ya soon.

by Mindy Wahlquist on 2013-03-01

During my recent repair of a broken tooth and subsequent filling, Dr Hodous and Ally were really comforting and responsive to my need to clear throat and move around. All office staff upbeat, anticipating my needs. I really don’t mind going to dentist at all.

by Fran Vaught on 2013-02-27

I always look forward to my dental appointments with Dr Hodous! And let me say, that is HUGE for me! That has never been the case for me in my 50+ years of life…until now! The gentle care, friendliness, and overall positive environment is wonderful! Thank you Dr Hodous, Allie, and Kelley! 🙂

by Chrysi Black on 2013-02-21

Dr. Hodous always makes having dental work done so comfortable. You can really tell he truly cares for his patients and is very attentive. I recommend Dr. Hodous to everyone and will definitely go to him in the future!

by Margaret Downs on 2013-02-15

Best dentist in NWA

by Joseph Corn on 2013-02-14

I always love going to Dr. Hodous’ office. Everyone is friendly. The level of attentiveness is very high. I know I am being perfectly taken care of, AND very important, it is always a pleasure. I look forward to it and I leave feeling wonderful. Thanks, everyone! Shanna

by Shanna MacLean on 2013-02-14

Going to the dentist is no longer an anxious time for me. The office is well run and I have never had to wait. I like the fact that Dr. Hodous runs the office “green”. I also like the recycled toothbrushes. Be sure to bring yours back to the office and Kelly will take care of it.

by Anon on 2013-02-06

Was fast, precise and friendly. And they didn’t use any flouride! Yay! Two thumbs up!

by Anon on 2013-02-02

Excellent work, and amazing people!

by Jamin Huchingson on 2013-02-02

I love Dr. Hodous and his staff! I had such a wonderful experience and always do 🙂

by Anon on 2013-02-01

Very pleasant visit – extraction was so smooth, barely felt it; will be back for all our future dental work!

by Linda Painter on 2013-01-26

Had a great visit, relaxed on the bio-mat. Received a great report

by Carolyn Campeau on 2013-01-22

I would like to say thanks for the kindness, friendliness and professionalism of Dr. Hodous and his staff. I have already recommended the office to someone. I wasn’t sure who to go to when I moved to Fayetteville, but I made a great choice. I was impressed with the attention to every detail that I got with my exam. I also loved the relaxation room while he reviewed my films.

by Laura Allen on 2013-01-20 

Hello, I would like to say thanks for the kindness, friendliness and professionalism of you and your staff. I have already recommended your office to someone. I wasn’t sure who to go to when I moved here, but I made a great choice. I will see you on the 1st. Laura K.

by Laura Allen on 2013-01-20

An excellent experience. My tooth extraction was completely painless! Dr. Hodous was very patient and explained each step of the procedure clearly. I have complete confidence in his ability and would highly recommend him. His dental assistant did a superior job of working with him. Teamwork is apparent among the personnel who make dental care a pleasant experience.

by Regina Barnes on 2013-01-18

I found my way to Dr. Hodous through the great reviews on this site so it would be remiss of me to not add my own positive experiences. I have had several appointments with Dr. Hodous since my initial emergency appointment and every one ranks in the top tier of health care experiences that I have had. He is friendly, caring, and skilled. His office staff are so kind and helpful – you couldn’t be in better hands. There aren’t enough stars available to show how strongly I recommend them!

by Alicia Estes on 2013-01-18

VERY IMPRESSIVE! Dr. Hodous is not only accomplished and friendly,his attention and creativity to assure a relaxing, soothing environment is astounding!I don’t see that I would ever have a need to find another dentist. I appreciate his efforts to help me have a stress-free experience.

by Karen Gill on 2013-01-03

My experience yesterday at Dr Hodous’s office, was excellent. I didn’t even feel the numbing shot and the filling process was over fast. I know my teeth are in good hands.

by Katherine Shoulders on 2012-12-28

Dr. Hodous and his staff were fantastic! Fit me in for a last minute appointment. While there, I was made comfortable during x-rays and then taken to a relaxation room to wait for the doctor! Dr. Hodous explained the xrays to me in a clear way that no other dentist has ever done. Great experience. I’ve found a new dentist.

by Anon on 2012-12-27

Incredibly kind & caring staff. With significant injuries to my mouth, they are all so careful not to cause any more pain. Dr. Hodous is gentle & generous. I’ve never experienced a dentist office like this before!

by Teresa Campbell on 2012-12-27

Dr. hodous made me feel very comfortable. His whole staff is very friendly and helpful.

by Susan Cave on 2012-12-23


by Jennifer Watkins on 2012-12-12

Dr. Hodous was very thorough, explaining to me process and procedures, dental conditions and care relevant to me. I found him to be very knowledgeable, friendly and relate-able.

by Anon on 2012-12-06 

The service was excellent, and the job was accomplished professionally.

by Joseph Meyer on 2012-12-05

Excellent- as always

by Marla Roberds on 2012-11-29

I have been going to Dr. Hodous for several years now. His knowledge, kindness, and courtesy will keep me going back indefinitely. The entire office staff is A+.

by Brian Austin on 2012-11-15

The service was great! He got right down to what he needed to do and explained the problem to me in full detail. They were all so nice and polite as well.!

by Breanna Hill on 2012-11-14

Everyone was friendly, as well as professional, plus accommodated me quickly for what felt like an emergency to me. I appreciated having the situation explained thoroughly prior to hearing the buzz of tools in my mouth. Now that I can feel that side of my face again the large filling feels like a very accurate approximation of the original tooth. Kudos!

by Jennifer Watkins on 2012-11-14

Great job as usual! Friendly and professional!

by Dennis Champagne on 2012-11-14

Dr. Hodous took the time to explain the procedure, and more importantly, to listen to my concerns.

by Debra Jordon on 2012-11-08 

There’s no reason to be afraid of dental work with Dr. Hodous. He’s a dentist you can trust to be kind, patient, and skilled. His office staff are so helpful and cheerful as well. After years of avoiding much needed dental work I feel safe and comfortable enough to make progress. If the thought of dental work causes you stress know that this is the place to help you get your teeth healthy.

by Alicia Estes on 2012-10-29

Friendly and great service as always!

by Scott Murry on 2012-10-26

Once again you amaze me with your kindness and professionalism. Not to mention your great dental skills. I have had enough dental work over the years to appreciate the quality of dentistry I receive from Dr. Hodous and staff.

by Marla Roberds on 2012-10-25

Wonderfull experience! From first visit and exam to treatment plan to first procedure and followup, best dential experience I’ve ever had.

by Karen Allain on 2012-10-18

AA = Always Awesome!! I’m always impressed by the calm, professional atmosphere and friendly manner of all the staff at the office of Dr. Hodous. It is always an awesome experience and the dental work is high caliber. I recommend to anyone seeking the very best in dental care to please leave your smile in the expert hands of Dr. Robert Hodous.

by Denise Medley on 2012-10-18

Even though I had this procedure done before in this same office I was scared. The procedure itself was about the same amount of pain as pulling a tooth as a child. It hurt but was not unbearable. After the procedure I was pleased with the relatively low amount of pain I experienced, there was pain, but not more than a couple of pain pills would take care of. Even though it has only been 24 hours everything seems to be going as I was told it would.

by Jon Walters on 2012-10-17

What a Great Dentist As always, my experience with Dr. Hodous and staff was professional and pleasant. That’s saying a great deal for a dental appointment.

by Marla Roberds on 2012-10-15

Dr. Hodous is what you look for in a dentist: gentle, caring, knowledgeable, and up-to-date. Sense of humor is a bonus, and the staff is first rate. I don’t think you can find a better dentist in Fayetteville.

by Anon on 2012-10-04 

My best dental experience. Dr Hodous and his staff are professional and care about their patients. He answered all of my questions and explained everything thoroughly. During my procedure I had some sensitivity and he adjusted to meet my needs. The staff is warm and friendly and I would recommend Dr Hodous to anyone needing dental work.

by Jordan Fowler on 2012-09-28

Dr. Hodous always goes above & beyond my expectations. To have a dentist that genuinely cares about you & your health is wonderful but for him to be so sensitive to costs, pain issues, schedule, time in the chair & more makes my experience with them fantastic! Dr. Hodous is great with kids & how many times do you see children looking forward to dental visits? My family loves the Dental Spa & we’ll never use any other dentist.

by Michael Disney on 2012-09-27

Dr. Hodous is a rare professional who accommodates the patient in all circumstances.  The doctor-patient interaction is at the highest level.” 
by Al and Marie Silano
I would recommend Dr. Hodous to anyone.  He is friendly and professional.

by Kami Shrum

I like the fact that Dr. Hodous and his staff are very accommodating.  They don’t make you feel intimidated.

by Yolanda Byrd

What I noticed about my teeth was that I didn’t want to smile.  Dr. Hodous fixed my teeth to where the gap was closed and I am able to smile today.

by Brenda Brown

(It’s) a friendly place to me.  It doesn’t have the uncomfortable feel of many medical or dental offices that you walk into with trepidation.

by Bob Shoulders

The thing that has meant the most to me is the generosity of spirit that has eased my anxiety because I have had a lot of fears about sitting in a dental chair.

by Janis Duley

I have been to many dentists from the East coast to the West coast – this is the first time it has been so relaxing including such excellent care.

by Linda Walker

My experience with Dr. Hodous has been the best ever!  Dr. Hodous is amazingly gentle and it is obvious he loves his work.  The staff is so caring and the whole environment is welcoming and peaceful.

by Chrysi Black


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