Robert G Hodous DDS

Our Office

You’ll notice the difference as soon as you walk in the door. Our friendly and caring staff will welcome you! Then you’re free to enjoy our cozy waiting area or make yourself comfortable in our tranquil relaxation room.

The unique amenities offered in our office can put even the most anxious of patients at ease:

– Private consultation rooms
– Comfy memory foam exam chairs
– Warm blankets and neck pillows
– Soothing music or entertaining movies

Our Expertise & Services

In order to develop a personalized oral health care plan we begin your initial appointment with a thorough oral exam, digital x-ray evaluation and a cleaning. Following this appointment, we offer a one-on-one personalized consultation which is included in the cost of the initial exam. This allows you to be well informed and also participate in the process of your treatment needs.

However, we believe that all the technology in the world will never replace the human element in the delivery of dental care. Our mission is to comfortably create beautiful smiles with the latest technology…and a soft touch.


Our relaxation room offers the amazing experience of the BioMat, where you’ll enjoy access to the proven health benefits of the BioMat’s far infrared rays, negative ion therapy and the superconducting properties of pure amethyst. A few minutes on the BioMat and you’ll experience reduced stress and anxiety, increased blood circulation and all-over soothing relaxation.

We think you deserve the very best and we want your experience with us to be nothing short of exceptional.

Preventative Services

Comprehensive Oral Exam

Ideally, your first visit to our office is for an initial exam. This very thorough exam includes a review of all the teeth, the bite, the gums, and other soft tissues to determine if periodontal disease is present and to diagnose any other issues. We also take photos to help with the cosmetic planning. Every exam also includes a complete oral cancer evaluation and x-rays are only taken if needed.

Bruxism Appliances

Many people “grind” their teeth when they sleep causing wear and damage. Balancing the bite with orthodontics can be a great help, but often this option is not available to adults. The next best thing is to wear an appliance at night that protects the teeth from the grinding. The fitting of an occlusal guard is relatively inexpensive and comfortable to wear.

Digital X-Rays

As a Green Certified office, our patients are exposed to 90% LESS radiation with the use of digital imaging technology. Radiographs, or x-rays, help Dr. Hodous in evaluating and definitively diagnosing many oral diseases and conditions that cannot be seen with the naked eye. Conditions such as fractures, infection bone loss, inter-proximal cavities, and the status of teeth under crowns are just a few of the situations that can be diagnosed through x-rays. Dr. Hodous follows guidelines developed by both the FDA and American Dental Association, and combines them with his professional judgment when deciding on the use of diagnostic imaging (x-rays) for each patient. He weighs the benefits of taking dental radiographs against the risk of exposing you to x-rays, based on your health history and vulnerability to oral disease. Dr. Hodous always takes the necessary precautions against over-exposure, only using x-rays as a medical necessity for diagnosis.

Restorative & Cosmetic Services

Tooth Colored Fillings

We offer both composite and porcelain restorations that can be used to match the color of the natural teeth. The durability and aesthetics are far superior to the silver fillings used years ago – and a lot healthier for you!

Porcelain Veneers

The most beautiful restoration in dentistry! Veneers are porcelain facings that cover the outer aspect of front teeth to enhance their beauty. The really great thing about veneers is that they require much less tooth preparation than a crown.

Professional Teeth Whitening

Whitening is a great way to improve the color of your teeth and truly brighten your smile! We have developed a very easy process for you to get the beautiful results you’ve always wanted. First, we take impressions of your teeth to create custom whitening trays that fit you perfectly. Secondly, we provide you with whitening gel and teach how how to most effectively use our products. You’re then able to go as white as you choose with results that are permanent and sure to turn heads for a lifetime!
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Super-Thin No-Prep Veneers

Just like traditional veneers, these no-prep Super-thin veneers are a custom-made layer of porcelain designed to change the teeth and enhance the smile just like regular porcelain veneers. The difference is that with these Super-thin veneers, none of your natural enamel is removed.Often patients are apprehensive about traditional cosmetic dentistry because of the need to drill or reduce their original teeth and the permanent change in the state of their original teeth. If you qualify, with Super-thin veneers, we will design the porcelain to go on top of your teeth with little or no drilling or reduction. This revolutionary technique removes some of the concerns you may have about removing healthy tooth enamel with traditional veneers. The contact lens-like Super-thin veneers are bonded directly to the tooth to correct the size of the teeth if they have been worn, make them whiter or enhance a narrow arch width for a broader smile. CLICK THE ABOVE ICON for more information about Super-Thin Veneers.


Implants are a super strong bio-compatible metal placed into the mandible that basically looks similar to the roots of a tooth. The implant is then restored with a post and crown to make it functional. Implants can also be used under dentures to hold them secure so there is no movement when chewing. The success rate is about 96%.


These are removable appliances and therefore not as stable as fixed crown and bridge that is attached to the tooth permanently. They are a combination of metal and acrylic that take the place of missing teeth. Generally, these are used as a last resort if finances are an issue.


Consider us your 9-1-1 for dental emergencies. We understand there are cases where dental work has been put off or only partially completed and a dental emergency arises. Our main goal is to make you comfortable – and get you out of pain!