Save the Environment & Save Money at the Same Time!

Our Green office is a healthier, safer environment for you to receive your dental work. Our office has completed a rigorous certification program to reduce our impact on the environment. The steps we take to reduce and recycle, lower our costs and being GREEN saves you green!

Because we care about our environment!

How are we Green?

  • Digital Imaging – with digital x-rays you are exposed to 90% less radiation compared to normal x-ray machines.
  • Mercury Filling Removal – Not only do we take extra precautions in the removal of mercury fillings, but we also collect the mercury prior to it entering the sewer system. This minimizes aerosols and prevents further pollution of our local waterways.
  • Fluoride-Free Prophy Paste – Overexposure to fluoride can be detrimental to your health. We offer patients the option of a fluoride-free prophy paste.
  • The HydroMiser– Many businesses use and waste hundreds of gallons of water each day. The Hydromiser reduces water usage by 75%! Yes, you read that right – 75%!
  • Distilled Water– All of our operatories use purified water for your health and safety.
  • Energy Efficient Lighting – Our office uses electronic florescent lighting to help conserve
    electricity and improve quality of light.
  • Lightening Air Purifier – This purifier clears the air of dust and other particles while breaking down mold, mildew, viruses and odors at their source. It will also reduce sources of discomfort which contribute to allergies, hay fever and other types of airborne irritation.
  • Waterwise– This product eliminates your water quality concerns by offering purifiers that transform tap water into 100% steam distilled/purified water. More effective and reliable than just a filter, a Waterwise distiller combines distillation with carbon filtration for consistant purity over time.
  • Latex Free– Due to the growing concern about latex sensitivities and allergies, we are a latex-free dental practice.
  • Hosting Server– The server company used to generate this website is Carbon Neutral. Meaning they buy Renewable Energy Credits and Emission Reduction Credits to offset the carbon emissions created from hosting our website.

Because we care about our environment.