November 23, 20160


Thanksgiving is a time for food, family and giving thanks. While the tradition of Thanksgiving hasn’t changed much since the days of the Pilgrims, dentistry certainly has!

Native Americans had many more resources than the pilgrims traveling on the Mayflower. Native Americans had a healthier diet due to living off the land and gathering nuts and berries, hunting and planting crops such as corn. The pilgrims however had to have food that would not rot such as dried meats, grains, beans, beer, and lots of hardtack (similar to a biscuit made of only flour, salt and water). This diet made the pilgrims dental health very poor.

Since toothbrushes were not introduced into the US until 1885, they both had to use items of the land to clean their teeth. Both the pilgrims and the Native Americans used things such as animal hair tied to a twig, needles from a pine tree, or animal bones as toothbrushes or floss. The Native Americans did however have an advantage and used fresh herbs like sage or tarragon to make their version of toothpaste.

This Thanksgiving, our office is grateful for all of the advancements in the world of dentistry and oral health care. We’re grateful for toothbrushes in all shapes, sizes and colors. We’re grateful for toothpastes that range from flavors of mint to chocolate. We’re grateful for modern dental technology that lets us provide the best oral healthcare for your teeth and mouth. But most of all this Thanksgiving season, we’re grateful for you and your beautiful SMILE!

We wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday filled with lots of love, laughter and SMILES!



April 8, 20160

Spring is finally here! It’s a busy time of year with Easter, Mother’s Day, lots of outdoor activities, travel and all around fun. Juggling busy schedules can often lead to stress. And stress can sometimes cause an oral health condition known as bruxism.

What is Bruxism?

Sore_Teeth_WakeBruxism is the medical term referring to the grinding of teeth or the clenching of your jaws. It’s a condition that affects many people though not many are aware of the problem. You can clench and grind without even knowing it. Bruxism often occurs during dream stage while sleeping

It is a serious condition that can impact your dental health and overall quality of life. Clenching your teeth puts pressure on the muscles, tissues, and other structures around your jaw. Some people clench their teeth and never feel symptoms. Others experience a variety of symptoms or impacts including:

  • Headaches
  • Increased temperature sensitivity
  • Facial pain
  • Dislocation of the jaw
  • A popping or clicking in the temporomandibular joint (TMJ)
  • Damage to the inside of the cheek
  • Chipped or cracked teeth
  • Wearing away of tooth enamel

mouthguardThe Solution

There is no magic cure, but our goal in treatment is to reduce pain, prevent permanent damage to your teeth, and reduce clenching as much as possible. Some self care remedies and relaxation methods may provide some relief but a custom fitted mouth guard can help! Professionally fitted mouth protectors work by separating the teeth and preventing that unconscious grinding or gnashing of your teeth. First we make an impression of your teeth and then mold a mouth guard custom fitted just for you. They can take some time to get used to but they stop your face and jaw aching and reduce the likelihood of you breaking your teeth.

For the month of April, you can get your custom fitted mouth guard for a special price of $232. That’s a savings of 50%! And what a perfect time of year to take advantage of this offer. So if you’re tired of waking up in the morning with a sore jaw and want to prevent oral health issues that result from stress then call our office today to schedule your appointment. You’ll be amazed at what a difference it can make!
April nightguard special 8x10



January 6, 20160

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What a great time of year! January marks the beginning of the calendar year in most parts of the world. It’s a fresh start, a clean slate and a new beginning. If you have dental insurance then most likely your benefits renew and you can start addressing those dental needs that you’ve been putting off.  

I recently read that 45% of us actually make new year’s resolutions and that 3 out of the top 10 resolutions pertain to our health and well-being. So if you are one of us that set healthy resolutions for the new year, don’t forget to include dental care on your list. The health of your teeth and gums contributes to your overall health. Caring for your mouth now can prevent problems later. Call at our office today at 479-582-1100 or visit our website to schedule your appointment, and together let’s make sure you are in excellent dental health for the New Year and getting the full value of your insurance.   

As always, feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns about your dental care. My direct email is I’d love to hear from you!

Dr. HodousWishing you a happy new year and big SMILES!

dr-hodous-sig-pngFEATURE ARTICLEStop Plaque In It’s Tracks

Plaque is a sticky, colorless film of bacteria that constantly forms on our teeth and along the gum line. Plaque contains bacteria that cause cavities and gum disease. As plaque forms and is not removed by proper brushing and flossing, it can harden into tartar — sometimes called calculus — which is calcified (or hardened) plaque that attaches to the enamel on your teeth, as well as below the gum line.

Signs & SymptomsUntitled-1



Related Conditions

gsgg kim2016 Get Your Goals    It’s the beginning of a new year and maybe you are part of that 45% that set goals and make resolutions each year or maybe you don’t set them because you know that you won’t stick to them so what’s the point.  Did you know that Dr. Hodous’ wife Kim is an award winning author and professional speaker? She has an amazing E-book that will help you not only set the goals you want but will provide the tools that will ensure that you follow through and actually achieve them! CLICK HERE to check out this life-changing E-book and ‘SET and GET’ your goals this year and start to design the life of your dreams! 




November 17, 20150

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FROM DR HODOUSDr. Hodous and his staff wish you happy holiday season filled with peace, love and joy!happy holidays

It’s an exciting time in our office and as we wrap up 2015, we’re looking ahead to find new and innovative ways to provide you with even better service in the coming year.  We’ve added new state-of-the-art equipment to the office and are offering new services and procedures. Keep reading to find all of this exciting news and information.

But with the Thanksgiving holiday just a few days away, there is much for which I am grateful. I am grateful for you and I thank you for your continued support and confidence in choosing me for your dental care needs. I look forward to the coming year and once again promise to provide the very best care available.

As always, feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns about your dental care. My direct email is I’d love to hear from you!

Dr. HodousWishing you happy holidays and big SMILES!

dr-hodous-sig-pngFEATURE ARTICLEchristmas-dentist-mexicoThe Gift That Keeps on Giving!

‘Tis the season for giving, but remember to give yourself the most important gift of all this holiday season: a healthy smile! Maintaining good oral hygiene during the holiday season is more important than ever.

Holiday get-togethers tend to lead people to consume sugary treats and drink alcoholic beverages more than usual. And with their busy schedules and increased stress levels, many people’s oral hygiene suffers. They forget the most basic of oral hygiene tasks that can counteract the effects of sugary snacks and drinks.

If all you want this holiday season is to keep your two front teeth, or all of your teeth for that matter, then check out these tips on how to save your smile.

red-white-wine-120111WINE Whether red or white, the high acidity levels in wine can eat away at a tooth’s enamel. Tooth enamel is critical in the protection against decay and cavities. To avoid damage, refrain from swishing the wine around in your mouth, and drink water in between beverages to rinse the teeth of the acid. Cheers!

SUGARY TREATS Bacteria in the mouth thrive on the sugars found in candy canes, chocolate, and urlgingerbread cookies, increasing the likelihood of developing cavities. If you are not able to brush and floss after munching on sweet treats, drink water or chew a piece of sugarless gum. This will boost saliva flow in the mouth and help wash away bacteria.

STRESS Holiday anxiety can cause people to grind or clench their teeth, causing jaw pain, headaches, and chipping. Try to find a way to alleviate your anxiety, but it’s also important to see your dentist, who can recommend solutions like a custom night guard. Wearing one at night will prevent you from taking out the holiday stress on your teeth while you sleep.

Remember that the gift of oral health is one that keeps on giving all year long! A healthy smile should always be at the top of your wish list. Brush and floss your teeth twice daily or after every meal and schedule an appointment to see Dr. Hodous at least twice a year.



Referral Rewards 2


Congratulations to Jacquie Froelich, our 3rd quarter Referral Rewards winner! Jacquie won a shopping spree at Cabela’s. Thanks for the referral Jacquie and happy shopping! 



September 3, 20150

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ToothBrushes_Dental-Benefits-Image copy

Summer is now officially wrapped up and the kids are back to school. It won’t be long before the temperatures drop and we start thinking about the holiday season. It may seem early to be thinking about using those end-of-year insurance benefits, however the end of the year holidays creep up on all of us too quickly. Dental insurance benefits are typically not rolled over from one year to the next, so if you don’t use them… you’ll lose them!

If your benefits are on a calendar year basis and you have treatments you have been postponing, call Kelly at 479-582-1100 in my office and let her help you maximize your remaining insurance in a planned treatment sequence, where your most critical needs are addressed first and the more optional treatments are added later. This allows us to help minimize the possibility of unexpected emergencies and pain in which many people find themselves.

As always, feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns about your dental care. My direct email is I’d love to hear from you!

Dr. HodousWishing you big SMILES!

dr-hodous-sig-pngFEATURE ARTICLESeven Steps to a Better SMILE

Doesn’t everyone want dazzling pearly whites? Here are seven steps to make part of your daily routine that will make your SMILE sparkle. 

It’s probably no surprise that a bright, white smile can make you appear younger and more attractive. In fact, according to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, a whopping 96 percent of respondents surveyed believe an attractive smile makes a person more appealing.

But good dental health goes beyond the way you look. The mouth is the gateway to the body, which means the state of your teeth and gums affects your overall health. By following these steps to a better smile, you’ll be taking important strides for the rest of your body, too.

brushing1. Brush regularly. Brushing is the cornerstone of dental hygiene. It removes food particles that bacteria feed on, cleans teeth, and freshens breath. According to Dr. Hodous, brush three times a day and be sure you brush for at least two minutes. Many electric toothbrushes have a built-in two-minute timer, which can make brushing for the full amount of time easier.

2. Floss daily. Flossing removes the bacteria from in between your teeth that your toothbrush does not reach, which helps prevent gum disease. Dr. Hodous recommends flossing twice a day, but if you only do it once daily, be sure to floss before bedtime. When you sleep, you produce less saliva, which leaves teeth and gums particularly vulnerable to bacteria.

3. Visit your dentist. Visit your dentist at least twice a year for thorough dental cleanings. Your dentist can spot the early signs of gum disease, which is more easily treated when caught in the beginning stages. 


IMG_2280web copyYou know that Dr. Hodous and his staff are committed to making sure that you have the best dental care available. But how well do you really know your dental team? Let’s see how much you know about Dr. Hodous, Kelly and Olivia:

1) Who was voted most likely to succeed in high school?

2) Who hates pasta?

3) Who has NEVER had a cavity?

4) Who has NEVER had a speeding ticket?

5) Who was the drum-line captain their junior and senior year of high school?

6) Whose favorite hobby is dancing?

Scroll down to the ‘Just for Fun’ section of this newsletter to find the answers. Let us know how you did!   


WEB PROMO BOX cabelaYour referrals are our biggest compliment! Have you heard about our program to reward you for referring your friends and family to our practice? Simply refer your friends and family members and have them mention your name when making an appointment. Refer as many people as you like. You will be entered once for every referral that keeps their first appointment. Drawings will be held at the end of each quarter. CLICK HERE to learn more about the Referral Rewards program.

The next drawing will be held the end of September and we’re sending one lucky winner on a shopping spree! You’ll enjoy a shopping trip to Dr. Hodous’ favorite store – Cabella’s in Rogers! It’s a great outfitters store for all your hunting, fishing and outdoor recreational needs. Happy Shopping!





July 15, 20150

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large“Summer afternoon, summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.”  ~Henry James

 Everybody loves SUMMER. Long lazy days and plenty of sunshine. For me, it was a busy start to this summer with a family wedding and a house move, but things are settling down and it’s time to enjoy! Besides being here to provide you with the best dental care possible, I’ve got a few more fun activities on my calendar. Weekends on Lake Ouachita and an annual trip to Maine will round out my summer. I hope you have had a great summer break and will enjoy the rest before the kiddos head back to school and the fall schedules start.

Summer is also a great time to catch up on those appointments you’ve been putting off. If we haven’t seen you in a while then now is a great time to schedule your appointment.  

As always, feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns about your dental care. My direct email is I’d love to hear from you!

Dr. HodousWishing you big SMILES this SUMMER!


 FEATURE ARTICLESummer invisalign photo2Taking Care of Your Teeth in the Summer Months!

In with the warm weather come new conditions and new ways you should be protecting your teeth. With the increase in temperature come cold treats, increasing attention to sensitive teeth. Dehydration in the heat can cause bacteria to thrive and cause problems. Sports drinks, pop and other summer-favorites like lemonade decay teeth with their excess sugar and acidity. Summer conditions may cause a few new problems, but just paying attention to a few key solutions can ensure your summer is healthy, easy, and breezy.

ice-cream3How Tooth Sensitivity Happens

Many discover they have some tooth sensitivity during the summer months. This is largely due to the fact that frozen treats and cold drinks are in abundance to beat the heat. Sensitivity is due to worn down enamel or exposed tooth roots. Several things can cause this to happen. Acidic foods, teeth grinding, abrasive brushing, and certain whitening products can wear down enamel, exposing tubules that lead to the tooth’s nerves and cause pain. When the gums are irritated by disease or even too much mouthwash, they can recede and expose the tooth’s roots. This is another direct route to the tooth’s nerves.

How to Solve Tooth Sensitivity

Make sure your toothbrush’s bristles are not too stiff. Soft bristles and a light touch are all you need to remove plaque. For receded gums, gum disease will need to be cleared up along with keeping good dental habits.

waterKeep Hydrated

Saliva is a natural defense against bacteria in your mouth. The elements in saliva neutralize plaque acids that weaken teeth. In addition, saliva can help repair early decay and damage. So remember, during the hot summer months, we sweat more and lose more water. Make sure to drink plenty of water to replenish lost water and stay hydrated.

Alternatives to Pop, Sports Drinks, and Lemonade

Nothing beats a cold, refreshing drink on a hot summer day. But reaching for the right drink could mean the difference between a healthy, hydrated mouth and a dry mouth prone to cavities. Drinks like pop, sports drinks, and lemonade, while refreshing and tasty, are filled with sugar and acids. Excess sugar can lead to cavities. Even sugar alternatives can end up harming your mouth by drying it out. Acidic drinks like lemonade can damage the enamel on your teeth. Instead, reach for infused water, flavored seltzer, or iced tea. These alternatives are still tasty, and much healthier than sugar loaded or acidic drinks.

So take these precautions to keep your teeth bright and healthy and have a great Summer!


Summertime means longer days, warmer weather and an itch to get away. It’s definitely vacation time! We thought you might like to see what your dental team has been up to this summer.








In June, Dr. Hodous traveled back to his old stomping grounds of Chicago, Illinois to gather with his four other siblings for a weekend of family fun. While there he visited his childhood home, built by his father.

And the end of the month will find him on the coast of Maine for the annual Hodous / Tucker family time. Photos coming soon but expect to see sun, sand and lobster!




Olivia visited Park City, Utah this summer. Here she is on top of Bald Mountain. What an adventure!



Kelly traveled to her home state of Ohio to spend time with her family. Then 4 days on Norris Lake in Tennessee with high school friends (sans kids, wink wink). She had a great time of floating, reminiscing about old time and lots and lots of laughter – but we wonder why there are no photos available. Apparently what happens on Norris Lake, stays on Norris Lake!

We’d love to hear about your summer trips and see your photos. Share them with us on social media (be sure to tag us or use #drhodoussummer). We’ll be sharing more photos soon so be sure to check them out. Have a great rest of your Summer!


Your referrals are our biggest compliment! Have you heard about our program to reward you for referring your friends and family to our practice? Simply refer your friends and family members and have them mention your name when making an appointment. Refer as many people as you like. You will be entered once for every referral that keeps their first appointment. Drawings will be held at the end of each quarter. CLICK HERE to learn more about the Referral Rewards program.

070915The second quarter winner for 2015 was Jennifer Holland! Jennifer won 2 adult Vista Dome tickets from Springdale to Van Buren aboard the Arkansas Missouri Railroad. Thanks Jennifer for referring us to your friends and family and enjoy the railroad adventure!

The next drawing will be held the end of September and we’re sending one lucky winner on a shopping spree! You’ll enjoy a shopping trip to Dr. Hodous’ favorite store – Cabella’s in Rogers! It’s a great outfitters store for all your hunting, fishing and outdoor recreational needs. Happy Shopping! 





July 15, 20150

071515Congratulations to Lauren Field, our May KUDOS Winner! Amy won a $25 gift card to the Common Grounds / HogHaus Brewing Company in Fayetteville.

Our KUDOS Award

We love to ‘accentuate the positive’ so whether you come in for your appointment with great oral hygiene, have a great check-up, or just a positive attitude, we will enter you into our monthly drawing. It’s our way of showing our appreciation for you, our patients and the efforts and lasting impressions you leave on us.

So for May, we say “Congratulations Lauren and KUDOS to you!”

For your chance to win a free gift card, schedule an appointment today and share your beautiful smile and happy outlook with us!


July 13, 20150

Now-laterDon’t Wait! It Can Cost You in the Long Run!

If your budget is a little tight or your schedule a little too full, it may seem like a good idea to put off your dental exam. After all, your teeth feel fine and you take good care of them at home. While you may be saving yourself a little time and money right now, you could be costing yourself a lot more in the long run.

Many dental problems don’t have a many symptoms when they first begin. In fact, things like gum disease and oral cancer can be present without pain or any other discernible symptoms. Tooth infections can cause pain at first, but then stop when nerve damage begins. Even cavities can be present long before they can be seen or felt. We use high tech devices such as Planmeca Panoramic XRay Machine to discover problems before they become serious. Treating issues early saves time, money, teeth, and when it comes to serious issues like gum disease and oral cancer, it could even save your life!

So don’t wait until it’s too late. Call our office today at 479-582-1100 to schedule your appointment. You’ll be glad you did!


July 2, 20150

happy teeth dentalLet’s Have Some FUN!

I try to share as much information as I can to educate you about your oral health and to give you advice on how to keep your SMILE in the best shape.

But sometimes it’s fun to take some time away from the seriousness of dentistry and share some of the fun facts about my profession and why I think it’s so cool!

  • smiling-toothTooth enamel is the hardest substance in the human body. However, it’s important to remember that this does not make it all right to use your teeth to open bottles or stubborn packaging!
  • On average, people spend about 48 seconds a day brushing their teeth. That’s not nearly long enough to remove all of the plaque and leftover food particles. Take our advice and make sure to brush for at least TWO minutes, THREE times a day.
  • We produce about 25,000 quarts of saliva in our lifetimes. That’s enough to fill 2 swimming pools! And saliva is, believe it or not, a good thing for our smiles as it helps neutralize acid and protect teeth from decay.
  • You know that feeling you get when you burn your mouth with hot food? It has a name. It’s called pizza palate! Also, speaking of pizza, the cheese is actually healthy for your teeth. Since it contains calcium and phosphorous, cheese can reduce the pH level in plaque and can help re-mineralize enamel.

stock-illustration-19943848-tooth-cartoon-with-thumb-upI’m here to help you get your best smile! If it’s been a while since you’ve been in then CLICK HERE to schedule an appointment today. Or if picking up the phone is easier then  give us a call at 479-582-1100. I’ll make sure to perform an in-depth exam and work with you to get your smile clean, bright, and beautiful. And we’ll also make sure to give you some fun and interesting advice along the way.

Big Smiles!



June 16, 20150

invisalign-wedding-bride-smileWedding season is here! Believe me when I say I know this. Just a few short weeks ago, I walked my daughter Allie down the aisle. It was a busy time with so much to do to prepare for the big day and what seemed like hundreds of tiny details to take care of . But when you are making sure the cake is delivered and the groom’s tie is straight, don’t forget about your teeth! The last thing you want in your wedding day photos is a dull and dingy smile!

Professional teeth whitening can help make your smile dazzling for your big day. Over-the-counter whitening kits may seem like the ideal solution to get your smile whiter. They’re often a cheaper option and you can whiten at home, in your car, or wherever you want. But whitening your smile with a professional is much safer and produces far better results.

If you’re ready to whiten your smile this wedding season, give my office a call today at 479-582-1100 or schedule your appointment online! We want your smile to dazzle in those wedding day photos!