April 1, 20190

Here’s a question for you on this first day of April… What dental services do you really want?

A recent USA today poll shows that 85% of those surveyed chose TEETH WHITENING! That’s right, teeth whitening — not crowns, not dental implants, not veneers, just whiter teeth.

If you are part of that 85%, we can make whitening your teeth easier and more affordable than ever!

There are several options for whitening your teeth. But a professional take home kit can be the most efficient, effective and now affordable. The process is simple. We’ll take impressions of your upper and lower teeth and use those to make fitted trays especially for you. Two to three days later you can pick up your custom fitted trays, the model we made of your teeth (in case you ever lose your trays), and a professional grade gel kit. We’ll show you how to fill the trays and provide detailed instructions. Then it’s all up to you! With consistent wear of one hour a day, you should see considerable improvement and whiter teeth. It’s just that simple!

These professional take home whitening kits are just $175. That’s 60% off the original price. CLICK HERE for more information about our professional whitening kits. Or if you are ready for whiter teeth now, then call our office today at 479-582-1100 to schedule your appointment!

Wishing you bright and beautiful SMILES,



March 3, 20190

Wednesday March 6 is National Dentist’s Day! I may be just a little bit biased, but this is one of my favorite holidays. I know what you are thinking… but  it‘s a day to honor and celebrate the important work of dentists all over the world.

While it might seem like being a dentist is a fairly new profession, in fact, the first dentist in recorded history was an Egyptian named Hesy Ra, who is thought to have lived and practiced his dentistry in Egypt around 2600 BCE. However, the French surgeon Pierre Fuachard, known as the “Father of Modern Dentistry” didn’t appear until 1723.

While the profession is extremely old, it has evolved greatly as time has gone on and the technology that we now have to ensure your oral health is truly amazing. I love what I do and I am continually challenged and excited about the future of my profession.

Most importantly, National Dentist Day is a time to reflect on YOUR dental care and ensure you’re keeping your smile the very best it can be.

So next week, I’ll celebrate my profession and I’ll celebrate YOU as my valued and treasured patient. Let’s work together to make sure your teeth are healthy and that you have a SMILE that you are proud of!

Wishing you bright and beautiful SMILES!


February 5, 20190

February is National Children’s Dental Health Month!

And, this year marks the 79th year of celebrating the importance of a healthy smile. The campaign was designed to promote the benefits of good oral health to children, teachers, and more.

Here are some staggering facts: According to the Center for Disease Control, tooth decay is one of the most common chronic conditions of childhood in the United States. They go on to report that 20% of children age 5-11 have at least one untreated decayed tooth. This is the one reason the American Dental Association focuses on children’s dental health each February.

Left untreated, tooth decay may lead to pain, low self-esteem, difficulty socializing and sleeping, impact speech and eating, as well as overall health.

And how about this shocking number? The US Surgeon General’s office reports that an estimated 51 million school hours were lost annually due to dental-related illness.

I know we can do better for our kids! Here are some things that parents and caregivers can do to ensure children’s dental health:

  • Teach kids to brush at least two times each day to remove food from their teeth and prevent bacteria that can cause decay.
  • Limit sugary drinks and snacks that can cause decay. Try water and fruit as substitutes.
  • Most importantly, schedule your child’s first dental visit before the age of three and then regularly as recommended.

We’re committed to making sure that all kids have a healthy, happy SMILE. If you have questions about your child’s dental health, please contact our office.

Wishing you bright and beautiful SMILES…


January 11, 20190

So long 2018… what a year you have been!

From milestones, adventures, new grandbabies, and some new additions to the dental team, the year has gone by in a flash!

As I look ahead to 2019, I’m so grateful for the overwhelming amount of support, trust and confidence you have shown to my team and me. Thank you for letting us take care of you and your families dental needs. We look forward to continuing to provide the very best dental care to our patients and community in the New Year.

2018 brought two new grandbabies to my wife Kim and I. That’s makes a total of four in just under two years! We made our annual trip to Maine in July and also snuck in a quick trip to the beach in Florida in October. We spend every free weekend tucked in the woods near Hot Springs in our off-the-grid home that we love so much. This Spring we’ll see our last one at home graduate and we look forward to that elusive idea that we keep hearing so much about – an empty nest!

Just as I am grateful for my family, I’m also grateful for my dental team. They continue to amaze me with their dedication and care.

Marlene is starting her 28th year as a dental hygienist and her 4th year in our office. Her delightful spirit along with her extensive experience make her one of the best hygienists around!

Jill joined our team in August as the Front Desk Coordinator. She is new to NWA but brings years of experience in dental insurance and benefits. She is a great addition to the team and will make sure to get you into the schedule and maximize your dental benefits to the fullest!

And the newest smiling face in our office is Kristi. She started in December as my dental assistant and we’re off to a great start! After a short hiatus from the dental world, she’s glad to be back and already an important team member.

Although 2018 was a great one, we are looking forward to 2019! As we enter this new year, we wish you health, happiness, love, peace and most of all beautiful SMILES.


Happy New Year from all of us!

Dr. Hodous, Marlene, Jill and Kristi


November 23, 20160


Thanksgiving is a time for food, family and giving thanks. While the tradition of Thanksgiving hasn’t changed much since the days of the Pilgrims, dentistry certainly has!

Native Americans had many more resources than the pilgrims traveling on the Mayflower. Native Americans had a healthier diet due to living off the land and gathering nuts and berries, hunting and planting crops such as corn. The pilgrims however had to have food that would not rot such as dried meats, grains, beans, beer, and lots of hardtack (similar to a biscuit made of only flour, salt and water). This diet made the pilgrims dental health very poor.

Since toothbrushes were not introduced into the US until 1885, they both had to use items of the land to clean their teeth. Both the pilgrims and the Native Americans used things such as animal hair tied to a twig, needles from a pine tree, or animal bones as toothbrushes or floss. The Native Americans did however have an advantage and used fresh herbs like sage or tarragon to make their version of toothpaste.

This Thanksgiving, our office is grateful for all of the advancements in the world of dentistry and oral health care. We’re grateful for toothbrushes in all shapes, sizes and colors. We’re grateful for toothpastes that range from flavors of mint to chocolate. We’re grateful for modern dental technology that lets us provide the best oral healthcare for your teeth and mouth. But most of all this Thanksgiving season, we’re grateful for you and your beautiful SMILE!

We wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday filled with lots of love, laughter and SMILES!



June 29, 20160

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Happy Summer! 

Welcome to the mid-summer issue of SMILE News!

Who doesn’t love the long lazy days of SUMMER? It’s my favorite time of year. Many of you know my summers are spent on the waters of Lake Quachita in Hot Springs and for one week in July in the beautiful state of Maine. This summer is no different.

Lake-Ouachita-viewFor those of you not familiar with Lake Quachita, you are missing one of the true gems of Arkansas! Sometimes on sun-filled days the boat is full of kids and dogs and lots of floating, swimming and splashing and sometimes it’s just Kim and I for a quiet dinner under the stars. It’s a place my whole family loves to visit and spend their summer weekends. Truly beautiful shoreline with crystal clear waters. Bliss…

This year our annual trip to Maine will be the third week of July. As always we’ll enjoy family, bike rides, beautiful scenery and lots and lots of lobster! (pictures to come!) Our office will be closed that week – July 18-22 and we will look forward to sharing vacation stories and photos with you upon our return.

I hope your summer is filled with all the people and activities you LOVE!

Dr. Hodous

Wishing you a wonderful Summer and as always – Big SMILES!



american-flag-tooth4th of July: Summer BBQ and Eating Tooth Healthy

On the Fourth of July, the grills get busy. So do the dentists, apparently! All the barbecue sauce and sweets eaten this holiday can lead to tooth damage. Combining summer BBQ with tooth-healthy eating may seem impossible, but it can be done with a little bit of forethought and application. Let’s find out how we can eat healthier this holiday.

How bad is sugar?

When you eat more sugary foods (and BBQ sauce is loaded with sugar), the decay-causing bacteria inside your mouth multiply. They feed on sugar, and mix with saliva to form a sticky film called plaque on your teeth. If the plaque isn’t removed, it can dissolve the teeth’s enamel and inflames the gum tissue.

How to get rid of the coating that sugar forms on your teeth?

If you choose to eat sugary stuff like candy, chocolate or ice cream, remember to brush your teeth afterward. At the very least, rinse with water immediately to remove as much sugar as possible. Brushing needs to be done regularly – at least twice each day.

imagesHow to replace the sweets?

If you love the sweet stuff, then try swapping the sugars for healthier sweets. Choose seasonal fruits that are sweet and juicy – they also have other health benefits. Opt for natural juices. Even spices can add a zing to your food and stop your sugar craving. Adding cinnamon to your cereal makes it tasty and you don’t miss the sugar as much. Similarly, adding nutmeg to coffee brings out the flavor and you can go light on the sugar. Another good idea is to use ginger to glaze fresh fruit. Cookies can be made with cinnamon and rice. Experiment with recipes that use honey and brown sugar, instead of the refined white variety.

Barbecue season (or any other season for that matter) need not spell trouble for your teeth anymore. Curb the use of sugars and use healthier substitutes that not only benefit your teeth, but add to your overall well being.

*Delta Dental


Back to School

Back to school is just around the corner and these summer days are a great time to schedule your kids dental checkups. Avoid the rush and start checking off your back to school checklist now by making an appointment today! Use our easy online appointment request form or call our office at 479-582-1100 to make your appointment. 30b122288c2986eaa8987161b7c84b9d


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testimon for newsIt only takes a few words…

We LOVE hearing from our patients!

“How strange but wonderful to leave a dentist office with less of a tension headache than I had when I went in!”  ~Lisa M.

“Outstanding experience! Dr. Hodous and the staff are very courteous, caring, and competent. Highly recommended!” ~Dustin R.

“As always, my visit to my dentist was awesome!” ~Betty R.

Kind words from our treasured patients! CLICK HERE to read more…

did you know

  • In 1866, Lucy Beaman Hobbs became the first licensed female dentist.
  • In 1986, the winner of the National Spelling Bee won by spelling ODONTALGIA (which means toothache)
  • The average amount of money left by the tooth fairy in 1950 was 25 cents. In 1988 it was $1.00, the going rate now is $2.00.
  • The earliest dentist known by name is Hesi-Re. He lived in Egypt over 5,000 years ago.
  • The first toothbrushes were tree twigs. Chewing on the tips of the twigs spread out the fibers, which were then used to clean the teeth.
  • Ancient Greeks used pumice, talc, alabaster, coral powder or iron rust as toothpaste.
  • George Washington never had wooden teeth. His dentures were made from gold, hippopotamus tusk, elephant ivory and human teeth!
  • In 1905, Dental Assistant Irene Newman was trained to clean teeth. She became the first Dental Hygienist.

Isn’t DENTISTRY great?



A little dental fun to make you SMILE!  










May 11, 20160

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Happy Summer! 

Welcome to the summer issue of SMILE News!

I hope you’re enjoying this wonderful season. Many patients find that the summer is a great time to squeeze in that dental appointment they didn’t have time for earlier in the year. Households with children on summer holidays especially appreciate scheduling in dental and other appointments for the kids, not having to interrupt school time. Whether you’re due for a regular cleaning appointment, have a specific dental problem you’d like us to look at, or if you’ve been wondering about cosmetic improvements — from tooth whitening to a complete smile makeover — please call us. We’re pleased to answer all your questions.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Dr. Hodous

Wishing you a wonderful Summer and as always – Big SMILES!



SUMMER SMILES – Avoid dental injuries during summer sports

Summer is the time for enjoying the great outdoors. However, some popular summer sports – such as swimming and softball – can expose your teeth to danger. Here are several seasonal activities that could lead to dental injuries and ways to keep your smile safe:


kids-swimmingFrequent swimmers may be at risk for developing yellowish-brown or dark brown stains on their teeth.

Those who swim more than six hours a week continually expose their teeth to chemically treated water. Pool water contains chemical additives, which give the water a higher pH than saliva. As a result, salivary proteins break down quickly and form organic deposits on teeth. These hard, brown deposits, known as “swimmers’ calculus,” appear most frequently on the front teeth.

Swimmers’ calculus can normally be removed by a professional dental cleaning.


Scuba diving, a sport enjoyed by more than 4 million people in the U.S., can lead to jaw joint pain, gum tissue problems or “tooth squeeze” – pain in the center of the tooth.

All of these symptoms add up to what’s called “diver’s mouth syndrome” (also called barodontalgia), a condition caused by the air pressure change involved in scuba diving and by divers biting too hard on their scuba air regulators. Tooth squeeze is caused by the change in air pressure, particularly if a diver has a big cavity, a temporary filling, gum disease, periodontal abscess or incomplete root canal therapy.

The best way to avoid these problems is to visit your dentist before scuba diving and make sure your dental health is tip-top. Ask your dentist’s advice about fitting the mouthpiece of an air regulator. Sometimes dentures can be inadvertently swallowed during a dive, so denture-wearers should consult with dentists before diving to discuss any potential problems.

Contact sports (soccer, softball, basketball, etc.)

Kids playing soccerSoccer players are more likely than football players to sustain a dental-related injury – and these statistics do not include people playing pick-up games with friends.

Soccer is a sport where mouthguards and face masks are not mandatory, upping the odds for mouth and face injuries. Softball, basketball and pick-up games of touch football involve similar risks. In addition to causing injuries during contact, these sports also may be costly for people who have had extensive dental work, especially people who wear braces.

When participating in such sports, a mouthguard is your best ally. The AGD estimates that mouthguards prevent more than 200,000 injuries each year. Using a mouthguard can prevent damage to braces or other orthodontic work, as well as prevent mouth cuts, jaw injuries and tooth damage.

There are several types of mouthguards. Ask your dentist for advice about which mouthguard solution is best for you.

*Delta Dental


Summer Whitening Special

summer whitening special22 ad

CLICK HERE for more information about getting your SMILE ready for Summer!

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Share a smile with family and friends

referralReferrals and word-of-mouth recommendations are our number one source of new patients. In fact, one of the best compliments we can receive from our clients is the referral of one of your friends, colleagues or family members. When you give us a good reference, we will ensure that the person you refer receives special attention and the finest service possible. Our extensive dental training and experience allows us to understand and treat a wide range of oral health needs. From preventing dental disease to patient education and treatment using modern dental techniques and technology, we’re your qualified smile provider! Whether you’re looking to maintain your healthy smile or to brighten it up with cosmetic options, we will be happy to give you and your friends and family all the information you need in order to make informed and confident decisions.

did you know

Back view of a happy family on tropical beach; Shutterstock ID 152536469; PO: today-daivd

Bon Voyage but before you leave…

As excited as you are about your summer vacation, it’s well worth taking a minute to consider your dental needs before you go.

• Get a checkup, before you check out. The last thing you want to worry about on your vacation is a dental problem. Why not schedule an appointment before you leave, and consider some tooth whitening to go with your summer tan, too!

• Stay hydrated, but with the right liquids. Sports drinks and vitamin waters are popular choices for re-hydrating on a hot summer day, but mind what you choose. The sugar and acidic content in some of these drinks can be highly damaging to tooth enamel over a prolonged period. Consider drinking plain water instead.

• Pack light, pack right. Don’t leave home without a soft-bristled toothbrush, stored in a travel case with air holes, a tube of toothpaste, and, of course, dental floss -— the floss can also be used as a makeshift clothes line when camping!

Have a great vacation, filled with wonderful memories and big smiles!



A little dental fun to make you SMILE!  06ca3600a6fec2b79440de8298a52147                                                          



April 8, 20160

Spring is finally here! It’s a busy time of year with Easter, Mother’s Day, lots of outdoor activities, travel and all around fun. Juggling busy schedules can often lead to stress. And stress can sometimes cause an oral health condition known as bruxism.

What is Bruxism?

Sore_Teeth_WakeBruxism is the medical term referring to the grinding of teeth or the clenching of your jaws. It’s a condition that affects many people though not many are aware of the problem. You can clench and grind without even knowing it. Bruxism often occurs during dream stage while sleeping

It is a serious condition that can impact your dental health and overall quality of life. Clenching your teeth puts pressure on the muscles, tissues, and other structures around your jaw. Some people clench their teeth and never feel symptoms. Others experience a variety of symptoms or impacts including:

  • Headaches
  • Increased temperature sensitivity
  • Facial pain
  • Dislocation of the jaw
  • A popping or clicking in the temporomandibular joint (TMJ)
  • Damage to the inside of the cheek
  • Chipped or cracked teeth
  • Wearing away of tooth enamel

mouthguardThe Solution

There is no magic cure, but our goal in treatment is to reduce pain, prevent permanent damage to your teeth, and reduce clenching as much as possible. Some self care remedies and relaxation methods may provide some relief but a custom fitted mouth guard can help! Professionally fitted mouth protectors work by separating the teeth and preventing that unconscious grinding or gnashing of your teeth. First we make an impression of your teeth and then mold a mouth guard custom fitted just for you. They can take some time to get used to but they stop your face and jaw aching and reduce the likelihood of you breaking your teeth.

For the month of April, you can get your custom fitted mouth guard for a special price of $232. That’s a savings of 50%! And what a perfect time of year to take advantage of this offer. So if you’re tired of waking up in the morning with a sore jaw and want to prevent oral health issues that result from stress then call our office today to schedule your appointment. You’ll be amazed at what a difference it can make! 8x10 sign copy



March 10, 20160

banner copy FROM DR HODOUS

happyspringHappy Spring! I love this season as it brings new energy and growth all around. And for me it re-ignites my passion for dentistry. I love being a dentist and I’m honored to be yours!

I’m always excited about the current promotions we have running in the office and this month is no different. Check out all the exciting news below about our April special pricing on Night Guards and so much more.

I understand that a dental visit may not be first on your list of fun things to do in life. It might not even be in the top five for many of you. Yet it remains a necessary part of maintaining a healthy mouth, teeth and gums. My goal has always been to build a comfortable environment where you can relax, enjoy a friendly atmosphere, and reduce some of the anxiety that may be attached to a dental visit. I strive every day to provide the most advanced dentistry possible in a setting that is actually fun.

I hope you are as excited about the Spring season as I am. I’ll be taking the week of Spring Break to enjoy time with family in Hot Springs so the office will be closed March 21 – 25. What are your big plans for Spring Break? Email me to let me know or feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns about your dental care. My direct email is drhodous@drhodous.com I’d love to hear from you!

Dr. Hodous

Wishing you a wonderful Spring season and as always – Big SMILES!



express-check-bad-breath-300x162Bad Breath Got You Down?

In the comfort of your own home, fresh breath is usually just a visit to the bathroom away. Unfortunately, you can’t take your sink with you on a date, to a job interview or anywhere the condition known as halitosis might make an unwelcome appearance. Luckily, you don’t need a full arsenal of toiletries to know how to stop bad breath in its tracks – even when you’re without your toothbrush.

With a few freshening-up strategies in your back pocket, there’s no reason your breath should ever be a cause for embarrassment.

  1. Eat Your Veggies – As Moms’ everywhere consistently advise, you can never get enough fruits and vegetables in your diet. Foods high in vitamin C can act as natural neutralizers for bad breath, particularly in dinners that include garlic and other rich seasonings. Consider supplementing your main course with a bag of baby carrots, or a few stalks of celery on the go. Apples can be helpful as well, or, if you’re in a restaurant, limit your beverage to sweetened water.
  2. chew-gumChew Gum – Keeping a stick of sugarless gum in your pocket can be a lifesaver if you need to stop bad breath when it visits you at an especially inconvenient time. Most sugar-free gums are sweetened with xylitol, which, according toHealthy Living, inhibits the growth of germs that disrupt an otherwise neutral breath. When chewing, focus on working the gum across your tongue and deep into your molars. For an extra boost of fresh breath on a special occasion, stick with mint flavors and then supplement that freshness with a mint-scented lip balm or lip gloss.
  3. Take a Swig – Because saliva is a natural cleanser, dry mouth is a veritable breeding ground for odorous bacteria. Unfortunately, it often comes along with a set of nerves, which is usually the time when you need your breath to smell pleasant. Whether it’s a date, interview, meeting or similarly stressful environment, keeping your mouth moist can go a long way toward banishing halitosis. Keep a bottle of water handy, and when you take a sip, make sure to swish the water around your mouth to rehydrate your tongue and gums.
  4. 10054683FoldingToothbrushWmicroban_xTote a Toothbrush – You may not want to bring your toothbrush everywhere you go, but portable items like Colgate® Wisp® mean you don’t need the bathroom sink to get rid of bad breath. Portable toothbrushes don’t need water, allowing you to freshen up almost anywhere and then discreetly toss the toothbrush so there’s no evidence there was an issue. Keeping portable toothbrushes, a couple of floss picks and a few mints in a small container in your bag can save you from a bad breath moment just about anywhere.
  5. Eat Your Garnish – If you’re having dinner at your favorite Italian place, save the garnish for last: Herbs like parsley and mint are powerful breath neutralizers as well, especially if your bad breath is food-related. Pop a sprig in your mouth and chew for instantly fresher breath.

Don’t let bad breath leave you blushing; it happens to everyone. But you don’t need to be at home to go through your purifying routine. Instead, use what you have to tame your breath and make sure you’re ready for anything.



Special Pricing for the Month of April on Custom Night Guards!

Sore_Teeth_WakeDo I need a Night Guard?

Maybe you’ve woken up with sore teeth, a temporarily uncomfortable jaw, even a possible dull to piercing morning headache. If you’ve experienced any of these signs, you may be suffering from a condition called bruxism, or teeth grinding. According to the American Dental Association, teeth grinding affects around 10-15% of Americans today. There are many ways to alleviate the effects of teeth grinding, the most common being a night guard. .

Why Do I Grind My Teeth? Teeth grinding can occur for many reasons. Some include high stress levels and anxiety in your everyday life. More commonly, teeth grinding can be attributed to an irregular bite or from crooked or missing teeth.

I’m Not Sure if I Grind My Teeth. How Do I Know For Sure? It’s impossible to notice if you’re grinding your teeth at night since you’re fast asleep. The key indicators happen just as you are waking up and starting your day. Symptoms include: morning headaches, a sore, stiff or tender jaw, or painful/sensitive teeth.

What Happens to Untreated Bruxism? In serious cases, continual grinding of teeth can result in breaking or even loss of teeth. Untreated grinding will continue to wear the teeth down and will inevitably require treatment such as bridges, crowns, implants, etc..

mouthguardHow Does a Night Guard Help? We can fit you for a custom night guard that will protect you from grinding your teeth at night. You’ll put the night guard in before bed at night and it will act as a shield between your teeth, saving you from straining your jaw or destroying your precious pearly whites!

Is it Expensive?
For the month of April, you can get your custom fitted mouth guard for a special price of $232. That’s a savings of 50%! And what a perfect time to take advantage of this offer. So if you’re tired of waking up in the morning with a sore jaw and want to prevent that stress from causing harm to your oral health then call our office today to schedule your appointment. You’ll be amazed at what a difference it can make!

April nightguard special 8x10

from our office copy

Check out the results of one of our happy patients with her new Super-Thin / No-Prep Veneers. Beautiful!

Kelly - Before

CLICK HERE to learn more or call our office today to schedule your appointment.

did you know

top 10 list abbreviated version

CLICK HERE to learn more about the Top 10 reasons to choose Dr. Hodous as your dentist!




smile heart


A little dental fun to make you SMILE!                                                               

What did the tooth say to the departing dentist?… Fill me in when you get back

What does the dentist of the year get?… A little plaque

What game did the dentist play when he was a kid?… Caps and robbers

What does a dentist see at the North Pole?… A molar bear

What was the dentist doing in Panama?… Looking for a Root Canal

Where does the dentist get his gas?… At the filling station

What did the dentist say to the computer?… This won’t hurt a byte


July 13, 20150

Now-laterDon’t Wait! It Can Cost You in the Long Run!

If your budget is a little tight or your schedule a little too full, it may seem like a good idea to put off your dental exam. After all, your teeth feel fine and you take good care of them at home. While you may be saving yourself a little time and money right now, you could be costing yourself a lot more in the long run.

Many dental problems don’t have a many symptoms when they first begin. In fact, things like gum disease and oral cancer can be present without pain or any other discernible symptoms. Tooth infections can cause pain at first, but then stop when nerve damage begins. Even cavities can be present long before they can be seen or felt. We use high tech devices such as Planmeca Panoramic XRay Machine to discover problems before they become serious. Treating issues early saves time, money, teeth, and when it comes to serious issues like gum disease and oral cancer, it could even save your life!

So don’t wait until it’s too late. Call our office today at 479-582-1100 to schedule your appointment. You’ll be glad you did!