June 29, 20160

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Happy Summer! 

Welcome to the mid-summer issue of SMILE News!

Who doesn’t love the long lazy days of SUMMER? It’s my favorite time of year. Many of you know my summers are spent on the waters of Lake Quachita in Hot Springs and for one week in July in the beautiful state of Maine. This summer is no different.

Lake-Ouachita-viewFor those of you not familiar with Lake Quachita, you are missing one of the true gems of Arkansas! Sometimes on sun-filled days the boat is full of kids and dogs and lots of floating, swimming and splashing and sometimes it’s just Kim and I for a quiet dinner under the stars. It’s a place my whole family loves to visit and spend their summer weekends. Truly beautiful shoreline with crystal clear waters. Bliss…

This year our annual trip to Maine will be the third week of July. As always we’ll enjoy family, bike rides, beautiful scenery and lots and lots of lobster! (pictures to come!) Our office will be closed that week – July 18-22 and we will look forward to sharing vacation stories and photos with you upon our return.

I hope your summer is filled with all the people and activities you LOVE!

Dr. Hodous

Wishing you a wonderful Summer and as always – Big SMILES!



american-flag-tooth4th of July: Summer BBQ and Eating Tooth Healthy

On the Fourth of July, the grills get busy. So do the dentists, apparently! All the barbecue sauce and sweets eaten this holiday can lead to tooth damage. Combining summer BBQ with tooth-healthy eating may seem impossible, but it can be done with a little bit of forethought and application. Let’s find out how we can eat healthier this holiday.

How bad is sugar?

When you eat more sugary foods (and BBQ sauce is loaded with sugar), the decay-causing bacteria inside your mouth multiply. They feed on sugar, and mix with saliva to form a sticky film called plaque on your teeth. If the plaque isn’t removed, it can dissolve the teeth’s enamel and inflames the gum tissue.

How to get rid of the coating that sugar forms on your teeth?

If you choose to eat sugary stuff like candy, chocolate or ice cream, remember to brush your teeth afterward. At the very least, rinse with water immediately to remove as much sugar as possible. Brushing needs to be done regularly – at least twice each day.

imagesHow to replace the sweets?

If you love the sweet stuff, then try swapping the sugars for healthier sweets. Choose seasonal fruits that are sweet and juicy – they also have other health benefits. Opt for natural juices. Even spices can add a zing to your food and stop your sugar craving. Adding cinnamon to your cereal makes it tasty and you don’t miss the sugar as much. Similarly, adding nutmeg to coffee brings out the flavor and you can go light on the sugar. Another good idea is to use ginger to glaze fresh fruit. Cookies can be made with cinnamon and rice. Experiment with recipes that use honey and brown sugar, instead of the refined white variety.

Barbecue season (or any other season for that matter) need not spell trouble for your teeth anymore. Curb the use of sugars and use healthier substitutes that not only benefit your teeth, but add to your overall well being.

*Delta Dental


Back to School

Back to school is just around the corner and these summer days are a great time to schedule your kids dental checkups. Avoid the rush and start checking off your back to school checklist now by making an appointment today! Use our easy online appointment request form or call our office at 479-582-1100 to make your appointment. 30b122288c2986eaa8987161b7c84b9d


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testimon for newsIt only takes a few words…

We LOVE hearing from our patients!

“How strange but wonderful to leave a dentist office with less of a tension headache than I had when I went in!”  ~Lisa M.

“Outstanding experience! Dr. Hodous and the staff are very courteous, caring, and competent. Highly recommended!” ~Dustin R.

“As always, my visit to my dentist was awesome!” ~Betty R.

Kind words from our treasured patients! CLICK HERE to read more…

did you know

  • In 1866, Lucy Beaman Hobbs became the first licensed female dentist.
  • In 1986, the winner of the National Spelling Bee won by spelling ODONTALGIA (which means toothache)
  • The average amount of money left by the tooth fairy in 1950 was 25 cents. In 1988 it was $1.00, the going rate now is $2.00.
  • The earliest dentist known by name is Hesi-Re. He lived in Egypt over 5,000 years ago.
  • The first toothbrushes were tree twigs. Chewing on the tips of the twigs spread out the fibers, which were then used to clean the teeth.
  • Ancient Greeks used pumice, talc, alabaster, coral powder or iron rust as toothpaste.
  • George Washington never had wooden teeth. His dentures were made from gold, hippopotamus tusk, elephant ivory and human teeth!
  • In 1905, Dental Assistant Irene Newman was trained to clean teeth. She became the first Dental Hygienist.

Isn’t DENTISTRY great?



A little dental fun to make you SMILE!  










May 11, 20160

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Happy Summer! 

Welcome to the summer issue of SMILE News!

I hope you’re enjoying this wonderful season. Many patients find that the summer is a great time to squeeze in that dental appointment they didn’t have time for earlier in the year. Households with children on summer holidays especially appreciate scheduling in dental and other appointments for the kids, not having to interrupt school time. Whether you’re due for a regular cleaning appointment, have a specific dental problem you’d like us to look at, or if you’ve been wondering about cosmetic improvements — from tooth whitening to a complete smile makeover — please call us. We’re pleased to answer all your questions.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Dr. Hodous

Wishing you a wonderful Summer and as always – Big SMILES!



SUMMER SMILES – Avoid dental injuries during summer sports

Summer is the time for enjoying the great outdoors. However, some popular summer sports – such as swimming and softball – can expose your teeth to danger. Here are several seasonal activities that could lead to dental injuries and ways to keep your smile safe:


kids-swimmingFrequent swimmers may be at risk for developing yellowish-brown or dark brown stains on their teeth.

Those who swim more than six hours a week continually expose their teeth to chemically treated water. Pool water contains chemical additives, which give the water a higher pH than saliva. As a result, salivary proteins break down quickly and form organic deposits on teeth. These hard, brown deposits, known as “swimmers’ calculus,” appear most frequently on the front teeth.

Swimmers’ calculus can normally be removed by a professional dental cleaning.


Scuba diving, a sport enjoyed by more than 4 million people in the U.S., can lead to jaw joint pain, gum tissue problems or “tooth squeeze” – pain in the center of the tooth.

All of these symptoms add up to what’s called “diver’s mouth syndrome” (also called barodontalgia), a condition caused by the air pressure change involved in scuba diving and by divers biting too hard on their scuba air regulators. Tooth squeeze is caused by the change in air pressure, particularly if a diver has a big cavity, a temporary filling, gum disease, periodontal abscess or incomplete root canal therapy.

The best way to avoid these problems is to visit your dentist before scuba diving and make sure your dental health is tip-top. Ask your dentist’s advice about fitting the mouthpiece of an air regulator. Sometimes dentures can be inadvertently swallowed during a dive, so denture-wearers should consult with dentists before diving to discuss any potential problems.

Contact sports (soccer, softball, basketball, etc.)

Kids playing soccerSoccer players are more likely than football players to sustain a dental-related injury – and these statistics do not include people playing pick-up games with friends.

Soccer is a sport where mouthguards and face masks are not mandatory, upping the odds for mouth and face injuries. Softball, basketball and pick-up games of touch football involve similar risks. In addition to causing injuries during contact, these sports also may be costly for people who have had extensive dental work, especially people who wear braces.

When participating in such sports, a mouthguard is your best ally. The AGD estimates that mouthguards prevent more than 200,000 injuries each year. Using a mouthguard can prevent damage to braces or other orthodontic work, as well as prevent mouth cuts, jaw injuries and tooth damage.

There are several types of mouthguards. Ask your dentist for advice about which mouthguard solution is best for you.

*Delta Dental


Summer Whitening Special

summer whitening special22 ad

CLICK HERE for more information about getting your SMILE ready for Summer!

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Share a smile with family and friends

referralReferrals and word-of-mouth recommendations are our number one source of new patients. In fact, one of the best compliments we can receive from our clients is the referral of one of your friends, colleagues or family members. When you give us a good reference, we will ensure that the person you refer receives special attention and the finest service possible. Our extensive dental training and experience allows us to understand and treat a wide range of oral health needs. From preventing dental disease to patient education and treatment using modern dental techniques and technology, we’re your qualified smile provider! Whether you’re looking to maintain your healthy smile or to brighten it up with cosmetic options, we will be happy to give you and your friends and family all the information you need in order to make informed and confident decisions.

did you know

Back view of a happy family on tropical beach; Shutterstock ID 152536469; PO: today-daivd

Bon Voyage but before you leave…

As excited as you are about your summer vacation, it’s well worth taking a minute to consider your dental needs before you go.

• Get a checkup, before you check out. The last thing you want to worry about on your vacation is a dental problem. Why not schedule an appointment before you leave, and consider some tooth whitening to go with your summer tan, too!

• Stay hydrated, but with the right liquids. Sports drinks and vitamin waters are popular choices for re-hydrating on a hot summer day, but mind what you choose. The sugar and acidic content in some of these drinks can be highly damaging to tooth enamel over a prolonged period. Consider drinking plain water instead.

• Pack light, pack right. Don’t leave home without a soft-bristled toothbrush, stored in a travel case with air holes, a tube of toothpaste, and, of course, dental floss -— the floss can also be used as a makeshift clothes line when camping!

Have a great vacation, filled with wonderful memories and big smiles!



A little dental fun to make you SMILE!  06ca3600a6fec2b79440de8298a52147                                                          



April 8, 20160

Spring is finally here! It’s a busy time of year with Easter, Mother’s Day, lots of outdoor activities, travel and all around fun. Juggling busy schedules can often lead to stress. And stress can sometimes cause an oral health condition known as bruxism.

What is Bruxism?

Sore_Teeth_WakeBruxism is the medical term referring to the grinding of teeth or the clenching of your jaws. It’s a condition that affects many people though not many are aware of the problem. You can clench and grind without even knowing it. Bruxism often occurs during dream stage while sleeping

It is a serious condition that can impact your dental health and overall quality of life. Clenching your teeth puts pressure on the muscles, tissues, and other structures around your jaw. Some people clench their teeth and never feel symptoms. Others experience a variety of symptoms or impacts including:

  • Headaches
  • Increased temperature sensitivity
  • Facial pain
  • Dislocation of the jaw
  • A popping or clicking in the temporomandibular joint (TMJ)
  • Damage to the inside of the cheek
  • Chipped or cracked teeth
  • Wearing away of tooth enamel

mouthguardThe Solution

There is no magic cure, but our goal in treatment is to reduce pain, prevent permanent damage to your teeth, and reduce clenching as much as possible. Some self care remedies and relaxation methods may provide some relief but a custom fitted mouth guard can help! Professionally fitted mouth protectors work by separating the teeth and preventing that unconscious grinding or gnashing of your teeth. First we make an impression of your teeth and then mold a mouth guard custom fitted just for you. They can take some time to get used to but they stop your face and jaw aching and reduce the likelihood of you breaking your teeth.

For the month of April, you can get your custom fitted mouth guard for a special price of $232. That’s a savings of 50%! And what a perfect time of year to take advantage of this offer. So if you’re tired of waking up in the morning with a sore jaw and want to prevent oral health issues that result from stress then call our office today to schedule your appointment. You’ll be amazed at what a difference it can make! 8x10 sign copy



March 10, 20160

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happyspringHappy Spring! I love this season as it brings new energy and growth all around. And for me it re-ignites my passion for dentistry. I love being a dentist and I’m honored to be yours!

I’m always excited about the current promotions we have running in the office and this month is no different. Check out all the exciting news below about our April special pricing on Night Guards and so much more.

I understand that a dental visit may not be first on your list of fun things to do in life. It might not even be in the top five for many of you. Yet it remains a necessary part of maintaining a healthy mouth, teeth and gums. My goal has always been to build a comfortable environment where you can relax, enjoy a friendly atmosphere, and reduce some of the anxiety that may be attached to a dental visit. I strive every day to provide the most advanced dentistry possible in a setting that is actually fun.

I hope you are as excited about the Spring season as I am. I’ll be taking the week of Spring Break to enjoy time with family in Hot Springs so the office will be closed March 21 – 25. What are your big plans for Spring Break? Email me to let me know or feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns about your dental care. My direct email is I’d love to hear from you!

Dr. Hodous

Wishing you a wonderful Spring season and as always – Big SMILES!



express-check-bad-breath-300x162Bad Breath Got You Down?

In the comfort of your own home, fresh breath is usually just a visit to the bathroom away. Unfortunately, you can’t take your sink with you on a date, to a job interview or anywhere the condition known as halitosis might make an unwelcome appearance. Luckily, you don’t need a full arsenal of toiletries to know how to stop bad breath in its tracks – even when you’re without your toothbrush.

With a few freshening-up strategies in your back pocket, there’s no reason your breath should ever be a cause for embarrassment.

  1. Eat Your Veggies – As Moms’ everywhere consistently advise, you can never get enough fruits and vegetables in your diet. Foods high in vitamin C can act as natural neutralizers for bad breath, particularly in dinners that include garlic and other rich seasonings. Consider supplementing your main course with a bag of baby carrots, or a few stalks of celery on the go. Apples can be helpful as well, or, if you’re in a restaurant, limit your beverage to sweetened water.
  2. chew-gumChew Gum – Keeping a stick of sugarless gum in your pocket can be a lifesaver if you need to stop bad breath when it visits you at an especially inconvenient time. Most sugar-free gums are sweetened with xylitol, which, according toHealthy Living, inhibits the growth of germs that disrupt an otherwise neutral breath. When chewing, focus on working the gum across your tongue and deep into your molars. For an extra boost of fresh breath on a special occasion, stick with mint flavors and then supplement that freshness with a mint-scented lip balm or lip gloss.
  3. Take a Swig – Because saliva is a natural cleanser, dry mouth is a veritable breeding ground for odorous bacteria. Unfortunately, it often comes along with a set of nerves, which is usually the time when you need your breath to smell pleasant. Whether it’s a date, interview, meeting or similarly stressful environment, keeping your mouth moist can go a long way toward banishing halitosis. Keep a bottle of water handy, and when you take a sip, make sure to swish the water around your mouth to rehydrate your tongue and gums.
  4. 10054683FoldingToothbrushWmicroban_xTote a Toothbrush – You may not want to bring your toothbrush everywhere you go, but portable items like Colgate® Wisp® mean you don’t need the bathroom sink to get rid of bad breath. Portable toothbrushes don’t need water, allowing you to freshen up almost anywhere and then discreetly toss the toothbrush so there’s no evidence there was an issue. Keeping portable toothbrushes, a couple of floss picks and a few mints in a small container in your bag can save you from a bad breath moment just about anywhere.
  5. Eat Your Garnish – If you’re having dinner at your favorite Italian place, save the garnish for last: Herbs like parsley and mint are powerful breath neutralizers as well, especially if your bad breath is food-related. Pop a sprig in your mouth and chew for instantly fresher breath.

Don’t let bad breath leave you blushing; it happens to everyone. But you don’t need to be at home to go through your purifying routine. Instead, use what you have to tame your breath and make sure you’re ready for anything.



Special Pricing for the Month of April on Custom Night Guards!

Sore_Teeth_WakeDo I need a Night Guard?

Maybe you’ve woken up with sore teeth, a temporarily uncomfortable jaw, even a possible dull to piercing morning headache. If you’ve experienced any of these signs, you may be suffering from a condition called bruxism, or teeth grinding. According to the American Dental Association, teeth grinding affects around 10-15% of Americans today. There are many ways to alleviate the effects of teeth grinding, the most common being a night guard. .

Why Do I Grind My Teeth? Teeth grinding can occur for many reasons. Some include high stress levels and anxiety in your everyday life. More commonly, teeth grinding can be attributed to an irregular bite or from crooked or missing teeth.

I’m Not Sure if I Grind My Teeth. How Do I Know For Sure? It’s impossible to notice if you’re grinding your teeth at night since you’re fast asleep. The key indicators happen just as you are waking up and starting your day. Symptoms include: morning headaches, a sore, stiff or tender jaw, or painful/sensitive teeth.

What Happens to Untreated Bruxism? In serious cases, continual grinding of teeth can result in breaking or even loss of teeth. Untreated grinding will continue to wear the teeth down and will inevitably require treatment such as bridges, crowns, implants, etc..

mouthguardHow Does a Night Guard Help? We can fit you for a custom night guard that will protect you from grinding your teeth at night. You’ll put the night guard in before bed at night and it will act as a shield between your teeth, saving you from straining your jaw or destroying your precious pearly whites!

Is it Expensive?
For the month of April, you can get your custom fitted mouth guard for a special price of $232. That’s a savings of 50%! And what a perfect time to take advantage of this offer. So if you’re tired of waking up in the morning with a sore jaw and want to prevent that stress from causing harm to your oral health then call our office today to schedule your appointment. You’ll be amazed at what a difference it can make!

April nightguard special 8x10

from our office copy

Check out the results of one of our happy patients with her new Super-Thin / No-Prep Veneers. Beautiful!

Kelly - Before

CLICK HERE to learn more or call our office today to schedule your appointment.

did you know

top 10 list abbreviated version

CLICK HERE to learn more about the Top 10 reasons to choose Dr. Hodous as your dentist!




smile heart


A little dental fun to make you SMILE!                                                               

What did the tooth say to the departing dentist?… Fill me in when you get back

What does the dentist of the year get?… A little plaque

What game did the dentist play when he was a kid?… Caps and robbers

What does a dentist see at the North Pole?… A molar bear

What was the dentist doing in Panama?… Looking for a Root Canal

Where does the dentist get his gas?… At the filling station

What did the dentist say to the computer?… This won’t hurt a byte


January 6, 20160

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What a great time of year! January marks the beginning of the calendar year in most parts of the world. It’s a fresh start, a clean slate and a new beginning. If you have dental insurance then most likely your benefits renew and you can start addressing those dental needs that you’ve been putting off.  

I recently read that 45% of us actually make new year’s resolutions and that 3 out of the top 10 resolutions pertain to our health and well-being. So if you are one of us that set healthy resolutions for the new year, don’t forget to include dental care on your list. The health of your teeth and gums contributes to your overall health. Caring for your mouth now can prevent problems later. Call at our office today at 479-582-1100 or visit our website to schedule your appointment, and together let’s make sure you are in excellent dental health for the New Year and getting the full value of your insurance.   

As always, feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns about your dental care. My direct email is I’d love to hear from you!

Dr. HodousWishing you a happy new year and big SMILES!

dr-hodous-sig-pngFEATURE ARTICLEStop Plaque In It’s Tracks

Plaque is a sticky, colorless film of bacteria that constantly forms on our teeth and along the gum line. Plaque contains bacteria that cause cavities and gum disease. As plaque forms and is not removed by proper brushing and flossing, it can harden into tartar — sometimes called calculus — which is calcified (or hardened) plaque that attaches to the enamel on your teeth, as well as below the gum line.

Signs & SymptomsUntitled-1



Related Conditions

gsgg kim2016 Get Your Goals    It’s the beginning of a new year and maybe you are part of that 45% that set goals and make resolutions each year or maybe you don’t set them because you know that you won’t stick to them so what’s the point.  Did you know that Dr. Hodous’ wife Kim is an award winning author and professional speaker? She has an amazing E-book that will help you not only set the goals you want but will provide the tools that will ensure that you follow through and actually achieve them! CLICK HERE to check out this life-changing E-book and ‘SET and GET’ your goals this year and start to design the life of your dreams! 




November 17, 20150

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FROM DR HODOUSDr. Hodous and his staff wish you happy holiday season filled with peace, love and joy!happy holidays

It’s an exciting time in our office and as we wrap up 2015, we’re looking ahead to find new and innovative ways to provide you with even better service in the coming year.  We’ve added new state-of-the-art equipment to the office and are offering new services and procedures. Keep reading to find all of this exciting news and information.

But with the Thanksgiving holiday just a few days away, there is much for which I am grateful. I am grateful for you and I thank you for your continued support and confidence in choosing me for your dental care needs. I look forward to the coming year and once again promise to provide the very best care available.

As always, feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns about your dental care. My direct email is I’d love to hear from you!

Dr. HodousWishing you happy holidays and big SMILES!

dr-hodous-sig-pngFEATURE ARTICLEchristmas-dentist-mexicoThe Gift That Keeps on Giving!

‘Tis the season for giving, but remember to give yourself the most important gift of all this holiday season: a healthy smile! Maintaining good oral hygiene during the holiday season is more important than ever.

Holiday get-togethers tend to lead people to consume sugary treats and drink alcoholic beverages more than usual. And with their busy schedules and increased stress levels, many people’s oral hygiene suffers. They forget the most basic of oral hygiene tasks that can counteract the effects of sugary snacks and drinks.

If all you want this holiday season is to keep your two front teeth, or all of your teeth for that matter, then check out these tips on how to save your smile.

red-white-wine-120111WINE Whether red or white, the high acidity levels in wine can eat away at a tooth’s enamel. Tooth enamel is critical in the protection against decay and cavities. To avoid damage, refrain from swishing the wine around in your mouth, and drink water in between beverages to rinse the teeth of the acid. Cheers!

SUGARY TREATS Bacteria in the mouth thrive on the sugars found in candy canes, chocolate, and urlgingerbread cookies, increasing the likelihood of developing cavities. If you are not able to brush and floss after munching on sweet treats, drink water or chew a piece of sugarless gum. This will boost saliva flow in the mouth and help wash away bacteria.

STRESS Holiday anxiety can cause people to grind or clench their teeth, causing jaw pain, headaches, and chipping. Try to find a way to alleviate your anxiety, but it’s also important to see your dentist, who can recommend solutions like a custom night guard. Wearing one at night will prevent you from taking out the holiday stress on your teeth while you sleep.

Remember that the gift of oral health is one that keeps on giving all year long! A healthy smile should always be at the top of your wish list. Brush and floss your teeth twice daily or after every meal and schedule an appointment to see Dr. Hodous at least twice a year.



Referral Rewards 2


Congratulations to Jacquie Froelich, our 3rd quarter Referral Rewards winner! Jacquie won a shopping spree at Cabela’s. Thanks for the referral Jacquie and happy shopping! 



September 3, 20150

banner copy FROM DR HODOUS

ToothBrushes_Dental-Benefits-Image copy

Summer is now officially wrapped up and the kids are back to school. It won’t be long before the temperatures drop and we start thinking about the holiday season. It may seem early to be thinking about using those end-of-year insurance benefits, however the end of the year holidays creep up on all of us too quickly. Dental insurance benefits are typically not rolled over from one year to the next, so if you don’t use them… you’ll lose them!

If your benefits are on a calendar year basis and you have treatments you have been postponing, call Kelly at 479-582-1100 in my office and let her help you maximize your remaining insurance in a planned treatment sequence, where your most critical needs are addressed first and the more optional treatments are added later. This allows us to help minimize the possibility of unexpected emergencies and pain in which many people find themselves.

As always, feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns about your dental care. My direct email is I’d love to hear from you!

Dr. HodousWishing you big SMILES!

dr-hodous-sig-pngFEATURE ARTICLESeven Steps to a Better SMILE

Doesn’t everyone want dazzling pearly whites? Here are seven steps to make part of your daily routine that will make your SMILE sparkle. 

It’s probably no surprise that a bright, white smile can make you appear younger and more attractive. In fact, according to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, a whopping 96 percent of respondents surveyed believe an attractive smile makes a person more appealing.

But good dental health goes beyond the way you look. The mouth is the gateway to the body, which means the state of your teeth and gums affects your overall health. By following these steps to a better smile, you’ll be taking important strides for the rest of your body, too.

brushing1. Brush regularly. Brushing is the cornerstone of dental hygiene. It removes food particles that bacteria feed on, cleans teeth, and freshens breath. According to Dr. Hodous, brush three times a day and be sure you brush for at least two minutes. Many electric toothbrushes have a built-in two-minute timer, which can make brushing for the full amount of time easier.

2. Floss daily. Flossing removes the bacteria from in between your teeth that your toothbrush does not reach, which helps prevent gum disease. Dr. Hodous recommends flossing twice a day, but if you only do it once daily, be sure to floss before bedtime. When you sleep, you produce less saliva, which leaves teeth and gums particularly vulnerable to bacteria.

3. Visit your dentist. Visit your dentist at least twice a year for thorough dental cleanings. Your dentist can spot the early signs of gum disease, which is more easily treated when caught in the beginning stages. 


IMG_2280web copyYou know that Dr. Hodous and his staff are committed to making sure that you have the best dental care available. But how well do you really know your dental team? Let’s see how much you know about Dr. Hodous, Kelly and Olivia:

1) Who was voted most likely to succeed in high school?

2) Who hates pasta?

3) Who has NEVER had a cavity?

4) Who has NEVER had a speeding ticket?

5) Who was the drum-line captain their junior and senior year of high school?

6) Whose favorite hobby is dancing?

Scroll down to the ‘Just for Fun’ section of this newsletter to find the answers. Let us know how you did!   


WEB PROMO BOX cabelaYour referrals are our biggest compliment! Have you heard about our program to reward you for referring your friends and family to our practice? Simply refer your friends and family members and have them mention your name when making an appointment. Refer as many people as you like. You will be entered once for every referral that keeps their first appointment. Drawings will be held at the end of each quarter. CLICK HERE to learn more about the Referral Rewards program.

The next drawing will be held the end of September and we’re sending one lucky winner on a shopping spree! You’ll enjoy a shopping trip to Dr. Hodous’ favorite store – Cabella’s in Rogers! It’s a great outfitters store for all your hunting, fishing and outdoor recreational needs. Happy Shopping!





July 15, 20150

banner copy FROM DR HODOUS

large“Summer afternoon, summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.”  ~Henry James

 Everybody loves SUMMER. Long lazy days and plenty of sunshine. For me, it was a busy start to this summer with a family wedding and a house move, but things are settling down and it’s time to enjoy! Besides being here to provide you with the best dental care possible, I’ve got a few more fun activities on my calendar. Weekends on Lake Ouachita and an annual trip to Maine will round out my summer. I hope you have had a great summer break and will enjoy the rest before the kiddos head back to school and the fall schedules start.

Summer is also a great time to catch up on those appointments you’ve been putting off. If we haven’t seen you in a while then now is a great time to schedule your appointment.  

As always, feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns about your dental care. My direct email is I’d love to hear from you!

Dr. HodousWishing you big SMILES this SUMMER!


 FEATURE ARTICLESummer invisalign photo2Taking Care of Your Teeth in the Summer Months!

In with the warm weather come new conditions and new ways you should be protecting your teeth. With the increase in temperature come cold treats, increasing attention to sensitive teeth. Dehydration in the heat can cause bacteria to thrive and cause problems. Sports drinks, pop and other summer-favorites like lemonade decay teeth with their excess sugar and acidity. Summer conditions may cause a few new problems, but just paying attention to a few key solutions can ensure your summer is healthy, easy, and breezy.

ice-cream3How Tooth Sensitivity Happens

Many discover they have some tooth sensitivity during the summer months. This is largely due to the fact that frozen treats and cold drinks are in abundance to beat the heat. Sensitivity is due to worn down enamel or exposed tooth roots. Several things can cause this to happen. Acidic foods, teeth grinding, abrasive brushing, and certain whitening products can wear down enamel, exposing tubules that lead to the tooth’s nerves and cause pain. When the gums are irritated by disease or even too much mouthwash, they can recede and expose the tooth’s roots. This is another direct route to the tooth’s nerves.

How to Solve Tooth Sensitivity

Make sure your toothbrush’s bristles are not too stiff. Soft bristles and a light touch are all you need to remove plaque. For receded gums, gum disease will need to be cleared up along with keeping good dental habits.

waterKeep Hydrated

Saliva is a natural defense against bacteria in your mouth. The elements in saliva neutralize plaque acids that weaken teeth. In addition, saliva can help repair early decay and damage. So remember, during the hot summer months, we sweat more and lose more water. Make sure to drink plenty of water to replenish lost water and stay hydrated.

Alternatives to Pop, Sports Drinks, and Lemonade

Nothing beats a cold, refreshing drink on a hot summer day. But reaching for the right drink could mean the difference between a healthy, hydrated mouth and a dry mouth prone to cavities. Drinks like pop, sports drinks, and lemonade, while refreshing and tasty, are filled with sugar and acids. Excess sugar can lead to cavities. Even sugar alternatives can end up harming your mouth by drying it out. Acidic drinks like lemonade can damage the enamel on your teeth. Instead, reach for infused water, flavored seltzer, or iced tea. These alternatives are still tasty, and much healthier than sugar loaded or acidic drinks.

So take these precautions to keep your teeth bright and healthy and have a great Summer!


Summertime means longer days, warmer weather and an itch to get away. It’s definitely vacation time! We thought you might like to see what your dental team has been up to this summer.








In June, Dr. Hodous traveled back to his old stomping grounds of Chicago, Illinois to gather with his four other siblings for a weekend of family fun. While there he visited his childhood home, built by his father.

And the end of the month will find him on the coast of Maine for the annual Hodous / Tucker family time. Photos coming soon but expect to see sun, sand and lobster!




Olivia visited Park City, Utah this summer. Here she is on top of Bald Mountain. What an adventure!



Kelly traveled to her home state of Ohio to spend time with her family. Then 4 days on Norris Lake in Tennessee with high school friends (sans kids, wink wink). She had a great time of floating, reminiscing about old time and lots and lots of laughter – but we wonder why there are no photos available. Apparently what happens on Norris Lake, stays on Norris Lake!

We’d love to hear about your summer trips and see your photos. Share them with us on social media (be sure to tag us or use #drhodoussummer). We’ll be sharing more photos soon so be sure to check them out. Have a great rest of your Summer!


Your referrals are our biggest compliment! Have you heard about our program to reward you for referring your friends and family to our practice? Simply refer your friends and family members and have them mention your name when making an appointment. Refer as many people as you like. You will be entered once for every referral that keeps their first appointment. Drawings will be held at the end of each quarter. CLICK HERE to learn more about the Referral Rewards program.

070915The second quarter winner for 2015 was Jennifer Holland! Jennifer won 2 adult Vista Dome tickets from Springdale to Van Buren aboard the Arkansas Missouri Railroad. Thanks Jennifer for referring us to your friends and family and enjoy the railroad adventure!

The next drawing will be held the end of September and we’re sending one lucky winner on a shopping spree! You’ll enjoy a shopping trip to Dr. Hodous’ favorite store – Cabella’s in Rogers! It’s a great outfitters store for all your hunting, fishing and outdoor recreational needs. Happy Shopping! 





July 15, 20150

071515Congratulations to Lauren Field, our May KUDOS Winner! Amy won a $25 gift card to the Common Grounds / HogHaus Brewing Company in Fayetteville.

Our KUDOS Award

We love to ‘accentuate the positive’ so whether you come in for your appointment with great oral hygiene, have a great check-up, or just a positive attitude, we will enter you into our monthly drawing. It’s our way of showing our appreciation for you, our patients and the efforts and lasting impressions you leave on us.

So for May, we say “Congratulations Lauren and KUDOS to you!”

For your chance to win a free gift card, schedule an appointment today and share your beautiful smile and happy outlook with us!


May 12, 20150

banner copy FROM DR HODOUS

 042315“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”             ~ Dr. Suess

Recently our entire team attended the Arkansas State Dental Association Convention in Little Rock. Conferences are always a good investment in time and expense as they allow you to meet and reconnect with other professionals as well as learn about the new and exciting things happening in your field.

One of the highlights of this years seminar was a presentation by Gene St. Louis on “Building the Ideal Practice with Your Dream Team”.  Central to the body of information was the strategy of hiring the right people with the personality types to perform their duties in an efficient and kind manner.  Practice management training really has not changed much over the years.  We need to always remember that there is a unique person attached to that tooth!  We came away with an awesome quote that all of us need to embrace in life:

“The remarkable thing is that we have choice for every day regarding the attitude we will embrace for the day.  We cannot change our past.  We cannot change the fact that people will act in a certain way.  We cannot change the inevitable.  The only thing we can do is play on the one string we have, and that is our attitude”.

I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% is how I react to it.  And so it is with you…we are in charge of our attitudes. I’m so grateful that our entire team was able to hear this presentation. It made us grateful to be able to work in the wonderful world of dentistry and reminded us that every day when you enter our office, you will be treated with the best attitude of kindness and care possible!

As always, feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns about your dental care. My direct email is I’d love to hear from you!

Dr. HodousWishing you big SMILES!


PS – Not only did we learn a great deal but we had a little fun too!


FEATURE ARTICLESix Tricks for Teaching Your Kids Better Dental Habits

Rather than pass on your fear of the dentist to your kids, teach them these important dental health habits instead.

Scared of the dentist? You could be passing that fear on to your children, according to a new study from the Rey Juan Carlos University of Madrid. Researchers found that the development of “dentophobia” is closely linked to parents’ behavior in the dentist’s chair. What’s more, the way Dad responds to the dentist may be particularly important in how both the child and the mother view their own dentist visits.

Kids live by their parents’ example, so remaining calm at the dentist’s office in front of your children is key to how they will behave during their own future cleanings and also affects whether or not they will stick with other good dental habits. From maintaining a relaxed demeanor during dentist visits to encouraging daily brushing, there are many ways to ensure your kids grow up with healthy teeth and mouths. Here are a few strategies you might try:

funShow ‘Em How It’s Done

Because we know the best way to teach is by your own example, your toddler should see you brushing your teeth every morning and evening. If you usually do this before they get up or after they go to bed, alter your routine so they can be present. You can even let your child help you brush your teeth just like you help them with theirs. It’s only fair! You can also find YouTube videos of children the same age as your child having a good time using a toothbrush. Kids love having a peer to relate to when they are learning a new skill.

Make It Story Time

While seeing you take care of your own teeth is a good start, there’s nothing like a little suspense to bribe your child into doing what you want. Use tooth brushing time to tell a story. If you’re creative, you can make up a story that incorporates mythical characters like the knight (the toothbrush) and the goblins (plaque) in an epic struggle in the dragon’s cave (their mouth). They have to keep their mouth open so you can see what’s going on with the characters in your story. Singing or listening to a special tooth brushing song is good too. Or, take the show into the living room and have them brush while they watch a favorite DVD.

Go High Tech

Why shouldn’t tooth-care tools be more like toys? The No. 1 item that parents – and pediatric dentists alike! – rave about in helping motivate their child to practice good dental hygiene habits is the electric toothbrush. It makes brushing fast, easy and fun while being gentle on delicate gums. Try a water flosser instead of floss. Add a whale or dolphin shaped “faucet fountain” to your bathroom tap to make rinsing fun.

Leverage the Gross-Out Factor

Visuals are your best friend when it comes to encouraging kids to keep their teeth clean. Even older children will be impressed with the sight of a mouth full of crud. Use plaque disclosing products (chewable tablets or mouth rinse) to highlight areas of buildup they may have missed. Consider joining in to show that everybody misses spots sometimes, not to mention finding out where you need to brush better, as well. Just be sure they know that brushing harder isn’t the answer. They need to brush gently using circular motions along the gum line and chewing surfaces and follow up with proper flossing technique to get rid of the plaque. If it has hardened into tartar, they need a visit to the dentist for a thorough cleaning.

Mommy’s Little Helper

If your child is too young to do a good job of brushing her own teeth and doesn’t want you to do it, that’s OK. You can always bring in a third party to perform this odious task. That would be your trusty sock puppet. Decorate a sock to be a dentist character (e.g. Donald the Doggie Dentist) and have him do the brushing and flossing. Your dentist puppet can also go along with your child to her first real dentist appointment to make the experience less scary.

boy cleans a teethGive Them the Tools to Take Over

What about older children? There comes a time when you have to pass the torch and let your child take over more of their own dental care. By about 5 or 6, kids have sufficient dexterity and motor control to brush properly (although they probably still need to be reminded to brush and floss and should still be supervised until 7 or 8, according to the ADA). At this age, they may appreciate tools that help them structure their oral hygiene routine. That could be setting an alarm that goes off when it’s tooth-brushing time or brushing along with you. Or, it could be using a timer that beeps every 30 seconds to let them know to move on to the next “quadrant” of their mouth. Over time, the more responsibility they can take for maintaining their good dental hygiene.

*Everyday Health – Daisy McCarty and Sarah McNaughton


Your referrals are our biggest compliment! Have you heard about our program to reward you for referring your friends and family to our practice? Simply refer your friends and family members and have them mention your name when making an appointment. Refer as many people as you like. You will be entered once for every referral that keeps their first appointment. Drawings will be held at the end of each quarter. CLICK HERE to learn more about the Referral Rewards program.

Referral Rewards WinnerThe first quarter winner for 2015 was Patti Tetu! Patti won a $150 gift package from the Northwest Arkansas Naturals baseball team. Thanks Patti for referring us to your friends and family and enjoy the baseball game!

The next drawing will be held the end of June and we’ve put together another amazing prize – two first class tickets aboard the Arkansas Missouri Railroad!  This special passenger train services offer you ‘A Window Seat to History’ — an opportunity to travel in the style of a bygone era. You can still enjoy the leisurely elegance of real train travel through the mountains and valleys of Northwest Arkansas.frt13