Care Club

Because we focus on your dental care
and not the costs…

At the dental office of Robert G Hodous, we understand that dental costs are always a concern.

We strive every day to make sure that you receive the very best dental care available but also have options when it comes to paying for it. We’re happy to offer CARE CLUB, a convenient, affordable dental savings plan just for you.

Why choose CARE CLUB? Insurance costs are high and often the payouts are low. With CARE CLUB, we’re able to cut through those high insurance costs and offer you a dental plan that saves you money and ensures your dental health through regular checkups.

We proudly offer CARE CLUB to our new and existing patients at an inexpensive yearly fee.

Members of our CARE CLUB program receive:

Two regular healthy mouth hygiene cleanings
Complete annual dental exams
X-rays to complete the dental exams
Complimentary emergency exam
Substantial discounts on dental procedures
No monthly premiums and no hidden fees. You pay only for services needed.

CLICK HERE to learn more about our CARE CLUB dental savings plan or call our office at 479-582-1100.