12 Days of Healthy Teeth!

December 5, 20190

The holiday season is here and we want to wish all of our patients a happy holiday season!

Even during this busy holiday season, we want your smile to stay its healthiest and brightest, so here are 12 days of holiday dental tips to see you (and your teeth) safely through the season.


1 Careful with the candy canes!  Hard candy is tasty and readily available at the holidays from candy canes to peppermints, but it can crack your teeth if you bite down wrong. It may be better to let candies dissolve to prevent any chipping or other damage – but be sure to brush thoroughly after eating candy of any kind.


2 Pick and choose at the table – At those holiday buffets loaded with goodies, skip the trays of sugary cookies and sweets and instead load up on the veggie trays. Carrots and broccoli are filled with Vitamin A and are especially good for your teeth!


3 Wine and dine – If you enjoy a glass here and there during the holiday season, take extra care if you are a fan of the reds. White wine is less of a risk to your white smile. If you do drink red, be sure to brush well afterwards.


4 Talkin’ turkey – Did you know that turkey is actually good for your teeth? It’s a great source of phosphorus and protein – both of which can help your body fight tooth decay and keep your teeth strong and healthy.


5 Deck the halls and fill those stockings – When you fill the kiddos stockings, it’s easy to fill them with sugary treats that can cause decay and damage to your kid’s teeth. If you can’t eliminate them altogether, then try limiting it to just one sweet treat. Also remember that toothbrushes and dental floss make great stocking stuffers!


6 Take it easy on the soda – A holiday party staple, this sugary substance is never good for your teeth. If you want something bubbly, try fizzy water rather than soda. If you must drink soda, use a straw to keep most of the acid off your teeth.


7 Cheese please! – Choose cheese to snack with if you’re drinking alcoholic drinks at parties. The pH balancing effects help neutralize the acid that’s in boozy beverages and the calcium is great for your teeth as well.


8 Fa la la la while you brush – It’s recommended that you brush for two minutes. That’s the perfect amount of time to hum a verse or two of your favorite holiday tune. It will make brushing fun and festive!


9 It’s tool time! – With lots of presents to wrap and toys to assemble, it’s tempting to use your teeth as tools. But using your teeth to break open packages, tear boxes or any of the other things you might consider can cause chips and breaks. So be sure to take them time to break out the tools and save those teeth!


10 Don’t’ forget the fruit! – When planning your holiday dinner parties, resist the urge to load the dessert table with sugary cakes and pies, and instead include bowls and platters of fresh fruit.


11 The snack attack – With the cupboards full of holiday treats, it’s easy to keep snacking throughout the day or graze on the bowls of treats that are scattered around the house. Try keeping the snacks in the kitchen until mealtimes or until the party begins.


12 Shift the focus – So many times we are guilty of making the food the focus of our holiday gatherings. Try to shift that focus to activities like card games, board games or holiday movie marathons. It’s better for your teeth (and your waistline)!


Our entire team wishes you a safe, happy and healthy holiday season!

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