A Note from Dr. Hodous November 2019

November 7, 20190

It’s about this time every year that I start to worry! I worry about your dental benefits going unused by the end of their year and you missing out on huge savings.

Most insurance plans run on the calendar year. That means that any benefits that you haven’t used by the second the calendar flips to January are lost. What a waste!

Here are a few reasons why now is the ideal time to make a dental appointment and use your insurance wisely.

You snooze you lose
The majority of dental insurance plans will have a yearly maximum that they’ll pay. So if yours is $1500, and you’ve only used $700, then you’ve got $800 left that won’t roll over into the following year. Take advantage of those unused benefits before the year is up, and you won’t have to start January paying a deductible for dental services that your insurance company would have paid in December.

Don’t wait for an emergency
You’ve paid for it with your premiums. Then why put off those routine dental appointments just to wait for an emergency. Smaller problems like cavities can fester into much bigger (and more expensive) problems down the road, and there is no reason to wait until next year to take care of these needs when you can save money by resolving them right now. Even if it’s simply a cleaning and routine check on your gums and teeth, it’s worth it when the savings are there.

The perfect time
I know that the holidays can make schedules hectic, but be sure you make time to visit our office. Not only will you improve your oral health, but you can brighten that smile for all of those holiday gatherings and pictures!

I love to help my patients save money but most of all I love caring for your oral health. So call my office today and let Stephanie help you maximize your benefits and make sure you are getting the very best dental care that you are paying for!
Wishing you the healthiest and most beautiful SMILE…

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