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May 11, 20160

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Happy Summer! 

Welcome to the summer issue of SMILE News!

I hope you’re enjoying this wonderful season. Many patients find that the summer is a great time to squeeze in that dental appointment they didn’t have time for earlier in the year. Households with children on summer holidays especially appreciate scheduling in dental and other appointments for the kids, not having to interrupt school time. Whether you’re due for a regular cleaning appointment, have a specific dental problem you’d like us to look at, or if you’ve been wondering about cosmetic improvements — from tooth whitening to a complete smile makeover — please call us. We’re pleased to answer all your questions.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Dr. Hodous

Wishing you a wonderful Summer and as always – Big SMILES!



SUMMER SMILES – Avoid dental injuries during summer sports

Summer is the time for enjoying the great outdoors. However, some popular summer sports – such as swimming and softball – can expose your teeth to danger. Here are several seasonal activities that could lead to dental injuries and ways to keep your smile safe:


kids-swimmingFrequent swimmers may be at risk for developing yellowish-brown or dark brown stains on their teeth.

Those who swim more than six hours a week continually expose their teeth to chemically treated water. Pool water contains chemical additives, which give the water a higher pH than saliva. As a result, salivary proteins break down quickly and form organic deposits on teeth. These hard, brown deposits, known as “swimmers’ calculus,” appear most frequently on the front teeth.

Swimmers’ calculus can normally be removed by a professional dental cleaning.


Scuba diving, a sport enjoyed by more than 4 million people in the U.S., can lead to jaw joint pain, gum tissue problems or “tooth squeeze” – pain in the center of the tooth.

All of these symptoms add up to what’s called “diver’s mouth syndrome” (also called barodontalgia), a condition caused by the air pressure change involved in scuba diving and by divers biting too hard on their scuba air regulators. Tooth squeeze is caused by the change in air pressure, particularly if a diver has a big cavity, a temporary filling, gum disease, periodontal abscess or incomplete root canal therapy.

The best way to avoid these problems is to visit your dentist before scuba diving and make sure your dental health is tip-top. Ask your dentist’s advice about fitting the mouthpiece of an air regulator. Sometimes dentures can be inadvertently swallowed during a dive, so denture-wearers should consult with dentists before diving to discuss any potential problems.

Contact sports (soccer, softball, basketball, etc.)

Kids playing soccerSoccer players are more likely than football players to sustain a dental-related injury – and these statistics do not include people playing pick-up games with friends.

Soccer is a sport where mouthguards and face masks are not mandatory, upping the odds for mouth and face injuries. Softball, basketball and pick-up games of touch football involve similar risks. In addition to causing injuries during contact, these sports also may be costly for people who have had extensive dental work, especially people who wear braces.

When participating in such sports, a mouthguard is your best ally. The AGD estimates that mouthguards prevent more than 200,000 injuries each year. Using a mouthguard can prevent damage to braces or other orthodontic work, as well as prevent mouth cuts, jaw injuries and tooth damage.

There are several types of mouthguards. Ask your dentist for advice about which mouthguard solution is best for you.

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Summer Whitening Special

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Share a smile with family and friends

referralReferrals and word-of-mouth recommendations are our number one source of new patients. In fact, one of the best compliments we can receive from our clients is the referral of one of your friends, colleagues or family members. When you give us a good reference, we will ensure that the person you refer receives special attention and the finest service possible. Our extensive dental training and experience allows us to understand and treat a wide range of oral health needs. From preventing dental disease to patient education and treatment using modern dental techniques and technology, we’re your qualified smile provider! Whether you’re looking to maintain your healthy smile or to brighten it up with cosmetic options, we will be happy to give you and your friends and family all the information you need in order to make informed and confident decisions.

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Bon Voyage but before you leave…

As excited as you are about your summer vacation, it’s well worth taking a minute to consider your dental needs before you go.

• Get a checkup, before you check out. The last thing you want to worry about on your vacation is a dental problem. Why not schedule an appointment before you leave, and consider some tooth whitening to go with your summer tan, too!

• Stay hydrated, but with the right liquids. Sports drinks and vitamin waters are popular choices for re-hydrating on a hot summer day, but mind what you choose. The sugar and acidic content in some of these drinks can be highly damaging to tooth enamel over a prolonged period. Consider drinking plain water instead.

• Pack light, pack right. Don’t leave home without a soft-bristled toothbrush, stored in a travel case with air holes, a tube of toothpaste, and, of course, dental floss -— the floss can also be used as a makeshift clothes line when camping!

Have a great vacation, filled with wonderful memories and big smiles!



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