Wedding Day White Doesn’t Mean Just the Dress!

June 16, 20150

invisalign-wedding-bride-smileWedding season is here! Believe me when I say I know this. Just a few short weeks ago, I walked my daughter Allie down the aisle. It was a busy time with so much to do to prepare for the big day and what seemed like hundreds of tiny details to take care of . But when you are making sure the cake is delivered and the groom’s tie is straight, don’t forget about your teeth! The last thing you want in your wedding day photos is a dull and dingy smile!

Professional teeth whitening can help make your smile dazzling for your big day. Over-the-counter whitening kits may seem like the ideal solution to get your smile whiter. They’re often a cheaper option and you can whiten at home, in your car, or wherever you want. But whitening your smile with a professional is much safer and produces far better results.

If you’re ready to whiten your smile this wedding season, give my office a call today at 479-582-1100 or schedule your appointment online! We want your smile to dazzle in those wedding day photos!

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