mercury 002Yesterday while performing one of the tasks that make the dental office ‘GREEN’, I was reminded of the immense importance of the process. It affects not only you as the patient in our office, but the residents of Fayetteville and ultimately the beautiful planet on which we live!

mercury 001Besides taking extra precautions in the removal of mercury fillings, I also follow strict guidelines in collecting and disposing of the mercury prior to it entering the sewer system and ultimately affecting the environment. By doing this I am minimizing the aerosols released and preventing the pollution of our local waterways.  It takes a little more effort and maybe a few more minutes but I know it’s worth it.

I go to great measures in the dental office to make sure that I am providing a healthier and safer environment for you to receive your dental work. In addition to ensuring your personal dental health care, the office has also gone through a rigorous certification process so that we greatly reduce our impact on the environment. I can proudly call the dental office “Certified GREEN”. Green logo

So rest easier tonight knowing that I care. My office continues to go the extra mile to make sure that you receive your dental care in the safest environment possible and to take every precaution to protect your planet!






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