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February 27, 2014by webeditor0

ProMax2DI love being a dentist! I love everything about it. I love helping patients maintain their oral health and making sure they have the brightest smile possible. And I get excited when new dental technology comes along to make my patients more comfortable and their treatments more efficient and effective. So I’m excited to tell you about a new digital X-ray machine I’ve added to my office.

The new Promax S3 digital imaging machine is on the cutting edge of advanced X-ray technology. The benefits this machine provides to patients in their treatments and overall oral healthcare are astounding.

Here’s what’s great about our new Promax S3 Digital X-ray:

  •  99% of all x-rays can now be taken without placing any ‘film’ in the mouth. That’s right…no more biting ‘x-ray holders’ which can sometimes be uncomfortable.
  • The ProMax S3 allows for a 75% reduction in radiation exposure.
  • More diagnostic information from one comprehensive image. This one image will give me more information than 4 of the traditional ‘bitewing’ x-rays.

The ProMax S3 provides more comfort, safety and efficiency to our patients and is an exciting new addition to our office.

As always I want to make sure you are getting the very best possible oral care available. If you want to learn more about this state-of-the-art machine or have any questions about your digital x-rays or oral health I encourage you to call my office or visit our website.




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