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February 12, 2014by webeditor0

checkupLet’s face it – we’re busy! There’s work, family, friends, trips to the gym, errands to run, and that never ending list of home repairs. Our calendars are full and we constantly wish for more hours in each day! So finding time to visit the dentist may be a challenge.

But how much time do you really need to dedicate to visiting our office? The answer lies in the facts. And the fact is the more often you visit us for regular cleanings and preventative treatments then the less time you’ll need to schedule for problems when and if they arise.  Regular cleanings reduce plaque and drastically cut back on your risks for avoidable periodontal diseases.  And they allow us to observe any issues before they become serious, and help prevent major dental procedures that require more of your time and money.

How often should you have your teeth cleaned? In addition to at least three daily brushing sessions at home, your teeth should be professionally cleaned at least once per year, but every six months is better. The teeth cleanings performed in our office are able to remove plaque and tartar buildup that at-home brushing is unable to achieve. If you haven’t visited our office in a while then we’ll take a look at a personalized schedule for treatment just for you.

Professional teeth cleanings at our office use tools that efficiently remove hard deposits from teeth that may not only contribute to tooth decay and gum disease, but discoloration as well. If whiter teeth are a priority for you, being proactive with your dental health can help keep your smile as white. Also, an extra benefit when being up-to-date on your professional teeth cleanings is that you will be ready for a teeth whitening system. Teeth whitening systems are more effective on clean teeth, so having regularly scheduled cleanings with our office will give you more options for improving your smile each time you visit.

Maintaining dental health is one of the most important things people can do for themselves. A few simple visits to the dentist annually not only help prevent dental problems, but other health concerns. Individuals with poor dental health have been reported as having higher rates of stroke and cardiac issues. It is also reported that people with periodontal diseases are much more likely to have heart disease.

Your teeth are yours for your entire life and you use them every day. A few regular professional cleanings each year is a small investment of time to maintain something you rely on for a lifetime.  So call our office today to schedule your appointment for a cleaning. You’ll be glad you did!






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