We Have A Winner!

July 17, 2012by webeditor0

Announcing our June “Kudo” Award Winner

Who would have thought you could get rewarded for going to the dentist? Trudy Newcomb certainly did not, but to her surprise she received a $60 gift card to Green House Grill!

How did she win the “Kudo” award?

Well, through the new “kudos” program patients are entered into a “kudos” jar if a they come in with great hygiene, a great check-up and/or have a positive fun attitude. We like to show our appreciation for patients that make an achievement or act that leaves a lasting impression on our office.

Congratulations, Trudy!

Who doesn’t want a free gift card? So, come in today with a great smile and positive attitude for a chance to win! Schedule and appointment.



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