Announcing Our New “Kudos” Program

June 7, 2012by webeditor0

In May, we started a monthly drawing for our patients.

The drawing is called “kudos.”

The way it works is this:
When a patient comes in with great hygiene, great check-up and/or have a positive fun attitude, Dr. Hodous will enter you into our “kudos” jar for a drawing.

What the heck is “kudos” about?
By making an impression in our office you create “fame and renown resulting from an act or achievement.” In return, we shower our appreciation for your acts and achievements, or “prestige; praise given for achievement.”

We had our first drawing for May!

Our “Kudos” winner for the month of May was John Ryan.  In the photo (at right) is John with Dr. Hodous presenting a $50 visa gift card.

Congratulations, John!

What are you waiting for? Come on in with your smile and positive attitude and get a chance to win! Schedule an appointment today.




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