Valentines Day Poem

February 7, 2012by webeditor0

With the big day on the horizon I needed to pay tribute to an old friend and patient of mine from Arizona.  Billy Rowland is an 80 year old country boy who wrote his first poem to his wife in 1977.  Here we go “Be My Valentine, For Hazel”,

Love consists of many things and is not totally understood.

Thanks for your love’s eternity and it being what it should.

Thanks for your understanding during these difficult times.

Thanks for your natural beauty it so makes my heart pine.

Thanks for your thoughtfulness you’re there when I need you.

Thanks for your resourcefulness you’re good at finding something new.

Thanks for your good judgement it helps us make decisions right.

Thanks for all your tenderness it helps us sleep at night.

Thanks for your kitchen abilities your expertise keeps me fit and trim.

Thanks for your constant variety it fills me to the brim.

Thanks for your patience when I become overbearing.

Thanks for your compassion when my problems need airing.

Thanks for your acceptance I know at times it’s not easy.

Thanks for your helpfulness especially when my stomach’s quesy.

Thanks for all your willingness on every request I make.

Thanks for your support, even when my comprehension’s late.

Thanks for your input in trying to reach conclusions.

Thanks for being so capable and able to avoid delusions.

Thanks for sharing my dreams and also in my prayers.

Thanks for your friendship for being someone who cares.

Thanks for being my valentine with your love complete.

Thanks for letting me love you as my valentine, you can’t be beat.

Robert G. Hodous,DDS,Dentists Fayetteville



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