Too Much Clutter

February 7, 2012by webeditor0

The house is for sale and we are in the process of down sizing.  Going from 4 children to one child living at home makes a big difference.  What an eye opener when it comes to making the home salable by getting rid of the stuff that would make the house appear “cluttered”.  I never thought of us as big shoppers, but let me tell you, we have too many things.  The best way to reduce waste is to reduce what you buy.  Only bring into your home what you really need and know what you’ll use – whether it’s food, clothes, or electrical appliances.  Bringing in less not only reduces the items you have to dispose of, but it also reduces their associated packaging, which is where most of your waste likely originates.  Try this…keep a journal of everything that you buy for a month or even a week.  When you review the journal, you may see patterns of spending that you were not even aware of.  Perhaps you bring home convenience or takeout food more often than you realize, or maybe you make up for a tough day at work by buying yourself a “treat” such as a new piece of clothing for your closet.  Simply recognizing these patterns is often enough to help you break out of them.  Hope you have become less of a consumer before you plan on down sizing.  For us it was the other way around.  Better late than never!

Robert G. Hodous,DDS,Dentists Fayetteville


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